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Ahead of the rumored Windows 11 launch, Microsoft hints at the end of Windows 10

The highly rumored update to Windows 11 is forcing us to reckon with the fact that Windows 10 could be on its way out.

A Microsoft support page is hinting at the end of the life for Windows 10 Professional and Home editions, just a week ahead of the company’s “what’s next for Windows event.” The page lists the “retirement” as October 14, 2025, which is a little over 10 years after the operating system was first released.

Though many believe this could mark the end of Windows 10, this support page has been around since 2015, according to some users on Reddit. However, Microsoft watcher Paul Thurrott notes that the page has been edited, marking one of the first times Microsoft has specifically mentioned the end of support for Windows 10.

With Windows 10 being a “service” and getting twice-a-year updates, all previous support pages only mentioned when a Windows 10 version would leave support. Those include Windows versions like the Windows 10 Creators Update, Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, and older versions of the the Windows operating system.

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The 10-year support period hinted at on the support page should not be too surprising, though, especially if a new Windows version is on the way as rumors indicate. Microsoft is known to end support for an operating system after such a time frame and then give extended support to users who pay for it.

Windows XP was supported for well over 10 years, from August 2001 all the way through April 2014. Windows 7, meanwhile, was supported from October 2009 all the way through the end of January 2020. It won’t be too surprising if Windows 10 lasts just as long, going from July 2015 all the way to October 2025 before setting the stage for what could be Windows 11.

Along with this support page, there’s lots of indications that Windows 11 might indeed be the real follow-up to Windows 10. Microsoft has given hints, one of which can be seen in the reflection of a window in a photo featured in the media invites for the June 24 Windows event. Another is an 11-minute long YouTube video that remixes all the Windows startup sounds. Even Microsoft’s executives have been teasing “next-generation Windows” at previous Microsoft media events, including both Surface chief Panos Panay and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella himself.

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