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These Chrome extensions will put cash-saving coupons right in your browser

You can save time and money this holiday season with just a few clicks, and you don’t have to hunt for those coupon codes on your own anymore, either.

If you know you’re going to do your holiday shopping online this year via your Chrome browser, why not let a coupon code browser extension help you out? If you need help choosing one for yourself, read on to see our picks for the best Chrome extensions for holiday shopping coupons.


Rakuten browser extension screenshot showing extension in use.

Rakuten is mostly known for its cash-back offers, but you can also use this extension for quickly finding and applying coupons to your online purchases. The savings aren’t just for a handful of online retailers, either. With this extension, you’ll have access to cash-back at over 3,500 store websites. Need more savings than just coupons? You can also activate its cash-back offers or use its Price Magic feature, which finds you lower prices for the items you’re shopping for.


A person's hands using a laptop to online shop with the Honey browser extension.
Honey Science LLC/

The Honey extension boasts over 10,000,000 users and a five-star rating on the Chrome Web Store — it’s not hard to see why. It primarily focuses on automatically finding and applying coupons to your online purchases, and it’s able to do so on over 30,000 sites. With those odds, you should have no trouble finding gifts for everyone on your list and saving yourself quite a bit of money. Honey also has a feature called Droplist which tracks the price of items that you add to it and lets you know when the price drops.

RetailMeNot Deal Finder

RetailMeNot browser extension screenshot from developer showing the extension in use.
RetailMeNot, Inc./

The RetailMeNot Deal Finder is another solid coupon code browser extension option. Like the others on this list, it searches for promo codes as you shop online and applies them for you. And like Honey, it has a vast number of supported stores: Over 20,000, in fact. Some of those stores include restaurants and food delivery services like DoorDash too. So if you find yourself getting hungry after a long day of online shopping, you might save money on your next meal as well.

Capital One Shopping

A Capital One Shopping website screenshot showing the day's featured offers.
Sample savings shown

Let’s answer your first question: No, you do not need to be a Capital One account holder to use this extension. Anyone can use it, and it’s free to use.

Now that we have that squared away, here’s what the Capital One Shopping extension offers: Automatic application of available coupons to your purchases, a rewards program that lets you earn rewards towards gift cards, and an alert if it finds a better price. According to Capital One, this extension works on over 30,000 online stores.


Cently browser extension screenshot showing the extension in use.

Cently isn’t just a coupon code Chrome extension. Yes, it automatically applies coupon codes to your purchases, but it also has cash back offers and alerts that let you know about better prices on Amazon. Cently also supports thousands of stores, including Dell, Amazon, B&H Photo Video, Newegg, Target, and Walmart.

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