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The best Windows 11 feature? Here’s what developers and fans voted for

Windows 11 comes with tons of new things to play with, which is why Microsoft was curious as to which feature Windows users liked best. In the results of a new bracket poll on the Windows Developer Twitter, fans have decided that rounded corners reign supreme over everything else.

Up against features like the new startup sound, new icons, and backgrounds, Windows fans really do seem to like rounded corners the most. Rounded corners narrowly defeated the new Snap Groups feature, which helps improve multitasking in Windows 11. It came home with a 54% victory, according to TechRadar.

And the gold 🥇 goes to…. rounded corners 🎉

Thanks to all who voted in our Windows 11 UI Element Bracket!

— Windows Developer (@windowsdev) August 4, 2021

The results should not be too surprising. Though some might see it as a small change, rounded corners are a signature feature of Windows 11. Rounded corners are present on the Start Menu, Quick Settings, and event the notification center. You’ll find them no matter where you click.

It is a big change from Windows 10, where most of the operating system featured squared-off edges. Microsoft even made some subtle changes in recent Windows Insider builds so rounded corners expanded to more areas, such as the hidden icons flyout in the lower right corner of the Taskbar.

The second-place feature, Snap Controls, is the other defining feature of Windows 11. As we detailed, it lets you create more ways to tile your windows for multitasking so that you can get more work done and stay in your flows. Snap Controls even create Snap Groups in the Taskbar, so you can get back to your apps more easily as you minimize windows.

Windows 11 is still in beta testing with Windows Insiders, and Microsoft is targeting a holiday 2021 release for the new operating system. Other than rounded corners and the Snap Controls feature, it comes with a redesigned Microsoft Store and a Microsoft Teams integration. Microsoft is also bringing the Android app to Windows 11 soon via the Amazon App Store, though it is not yet available for testing.

If you want to experience these features, you can do so in a couple of steps. Just opt your PC into the Windows Insider Program, and join either the “Beta” or “Dev” branch of the Windows Insider program. The Beta branch is more stable, and the Dev branch will get features at a quicker pace.

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