Das Keyboard Gets a Sequel

Das Keyboard, a division of Metadot, today unveiled a keyboard with has mechanical, gold-plated key switches for reportedly greater typing speed and user comfort. The new Das Keyboard 2 is priced at $90 and available now for use with multiple operating systems.

The Das Keyboard 2, said its maker, is a 104-key USB PC keyboard equipped with black keys mounted atop gold-plated mechanical key switches which reportedly offer a distinct, tactile click feeling. The keyboard’s keys have no letters on them, forcing users to more quickly adapt and memorize the key’s positions, which in turn reportedly results in faster and more accurate typing.

To aid in memorizing key positions, the Das Keyboard 2’s home keys F and J are shaped with increased curvature so one’s index fingers can be more easily placed.

“Das Keyboard 2 was designed for really demanding users, people who spend many hours every day in front of a computer,” said Birgit Guermeur, product manager for Das Keyboard, in a statement. “If typing productivity and comfort matter to you, then this keyboard is for you.”