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Microsoft teases useful new feature for Windows 10 Sticky Notes app

Michael Crider/Digital Trends

One of the most popular inbuilt Windows 10 apps might soon pick up a useful new feature. According to an image in a tweet from Microsoft software engineer Jen Gentleman, Microsoft could be considering testing a functionality which lets users embed images inside the Windows 10 Sticky Notes app.

What say you? ???? #WindowsInsiders

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— Jen Gentleman ???? (@JenMsft) November 20, 2018

Though the tweet isn’t very detailed, it is accompanied by a picture that shows two Windows 10 sticky notes with a curious looking image placed inside. This is something that is not currently possible on any of the public versions of the app. As she is known to do, Gentleman is likely teasing that Microsoft’s Windows Insider beta testers might be able to try out an image embed feature soon with the Sticky Notes app in Windows 10 19H1 update.

Considering that most new Windows 10 tablets have a world facing camera, an image insert functionality would be ideal for the inbuilt app. Consumers could take a photo of a whiteboard, a receipt, or other important document and then quickly save and sync it up to their other Windows devices for later reference. It also opens up the possibility of using sticky notes as cross-Windows device transfer hub for screenshots and other visual items.

If this holds up to be true, you can expect for Fast Ring Windows Insiders to test the feature first before a more general rollout to everyone else on regular versions of Windows. Signing up for the program to receive these early Windows features is easy, and all you need to do is click a few menus, but keep in mind the software could be relatively unstable.

Microsoft recently updated the Windows 10 Sticky experience with a new hub experience, colors, and syncing options. That all means image embeds is yet another welcome feature. It would also make the app somewhat more comparable to Microsoft Onenote, which is a cross-platform note-taking app for Windows 10, Android, MacOS, and iOS devices.

Image embeds in the sticky notes app would not be the only new Windows 10 feature in recent news. Microsoft has been testing several new experiences, including the ability to remove more of the pre-installed Windows 10 apps. There’s even a new light-theme which gives the operating system a new fresh coat of paint, as well as some improvements to the Windows search experience.

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