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Is ExpressVPN good for streaming?

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One of the key reasons that many people scour VPN deals is so that they can find the best VPN for streaming. Opening up a world of potential when it comes to what to watch online, a good VPN is near essential for such purposes. With ExpressVPN being one of the best VPN services out there, you may be wondering if that’s the best place to go. Simply put, ExpressVPN is great for streaming, and we’re here to tell you why.

Using a VPN for streaming has multiple advantages depending on what your plans are. One of the biggest ones is the ability to be able to switch your location when browsing streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. Figuring out what a VPN is will have taught you that a VPN works as a tunnel between you and the site or service you’re trying to connect to. That means your data is extra protected but it also means that you can “pretend” to be somewhere else through the service. That’s ideal if you’re traveling abroad and want to be able to access your shows from back home.

ExpressVPN offers access to servers across 160 locations in 94 different countries. That means if you’re traveling, you can easily switch around to your country as needed. For instance, if you’re visiting the U.K., you won’t have access to HBO Max or the U.S. Netflix library. By using ExpressVPN, you can change your location while in the U.K. over to your home town (or near enough) in the U.S. and be able to access your home content without a problem.

None of this would matter if ExpressVPN were a slow or unreliable VPN, but, fortunately, ExpressVPN is easily one of the best out there. It’s consistently fast so you don’t have to worry about content taking a long time to load or buffering issues disrupting your viewing experience. It’s also easy to set up with all your devices with dedicated apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, along with router apps to hook the VPN up to all your other devices.

Advanced features like split tunneling and a kill switch are useful when streaming, too. The split-tunneling feature means you can watch your shows through the VPN while traveling, while checking out news on the local connection through a separate connection. A kill switch means any time that the VPN connection drops, all online traffic is blocked until it’s restored. With no activity or connection logs kept, you’re sure of a very secure experience.

If you’re an avid traveler, you need ExpressVPN to ensure you always have access to the streaming services you pay for. At other times, you also get the benefits of extra security when using a reliable VPN, along with consistent speeds and unlimited bandwidth, with no risk of your ISP throttling your performance. Such factors mean that ExpressVPN is a no-brainer of a deal for many.

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