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Apple iMac Pro News

The iMac Pro launched five years ago today. What comes next?

Apple unveiled the iMac Pro five years ago today, but ever since then the product’s future has been uncertain. What went wrong and what does the future hold?
The screen of the MacBook Air M2.

The MacBook Air and iPad Pro could soon get a major upgrade

According to a reliable tipster, the MacBook Air and iPad Pro could be equipped with high-spec OLED displays in 2024, which would be a major upgrade in quality.
The M1-powered Mac Mini.

I’m still waiting for Apple to fix the Mac Mini’s major problem

Apple’s high-end Mac Mini has a major problem -- it’s still powered by an Intel chip. Worse, Apple probably won’t fix this for months, leaving it in a bad spot.
Apple Pages on a MacBook showing document counts.

The best gifts for Mac users: 8 peripherals to complete your setup

Searching for a gift for an Apple lover in your life this holiday season? Look no further, as we’ve rounded up a batch of ideas that will hit the right spot.
A concept visual of a foldable screen MacBook Folio.

Upcoming MacBook Pro could have a 20-inch folding display

We have a report out of Korean tech news site The Elec that Apple is developing a 20-inch display meant for a MacBook or MacBook Pro-like device.
Apple CEO Tim Cook looks at a display of brand new redesigned MacBook Air laptop during the WWDC22

All the products that Apple didn’t announce in 2022

Despite the sheer number of new Apple products in 2022, there were still some that were rumored but never saw the light of day. Here’s what never launched.
MacBook Butterfly Keyboard

Apple will pay $50M to settle the butterfly keyboard fiasco

Apple's butterfly keyboard spurred a class-action lawsuit in 2018. Several years later, Apple is ready to settle, and the sum is huge.
An Apple M2 chip on a stylized gradient background.

Apple’s M2 Max chip may bring next-level performance to the MacBook Pro

The upcoming Apple M2 Max chip was spotted in an early benchmark. The results bode well for the future MacBook Pro.
Best Cyber Monday Apple Deals

Apple Cyber Monday Deals: Apple Watch, AirPods, iPad, MacBook

One of the most popular tech brands meets one of the most popular sales events with the Apple Cyber Monday deals start, and we've got your guide to get them.
Best Cyber Monday MacBook Deals

The best Cyber Monday MacBook deals for 2022

With Cyber Monday underway there are a ton of excellent Cyber Monday MacBook deals to take advantage of, and we've collected the best of them!
A MacBook Air on a desk with an open book in front of it.

Save $200 on the MacBook Air (M1) with this Cyber Monday deal

The MacBook Air (M1) is the ideal MacBook for most people and it's $200 off right now at Amazon, making it an unbeatable offer.
The gold MacBook Air M1's logo and keyboard.

Don’t get tricked by bad MacBook deals for Black Friday. Buy these instead

There are lots of bad decision to be made when it comes Black Friday MacBook deals, but don't worry, there are some good options this year too.
An Apple MacBook Pro 14 sits open on a table.

Why I just bought a refurbished MacBook Pro — and why you should too

Buying a refurbished MacBook Pro never appealed to me -- until now. Now that Apple has slashed its refurb prices, you should consider getting one too.
Two photos comparing the lineup of Apple's Macs.

The two-year transition to Apple Silicon has been left incomplete

Tim Cook promised a two-year transition to Apple Silicon for the Mac, but we're still waiting for it to be complete.
apple iphone xr review xxl

Apple slashes trade-in values for its iPhones and more

For at least the third time this year, Apple has slashed the maximum trade-in values for its iPhones, iPads, computers, and smartwatches.
Apple Pro Display XDR WWDC 2019 Hands On

Apple’s next Studio monitor may use a QD-OLED panel

Samsung may be working on the OLED panels for an Apple Studio Display that could release in 2024.
An Apple MacBook with four extra displays added.

This gadget could turn your M1 Mac into a productivity beast

This new USB-C dock can help you add several external displays to a Mac running on Apple's own M1 or M2 chip.
Apple One More Thing Event Tim Cook

Bad news — Apple could delay new Macs and MacBooks until 2023

New MacBooks, a Mac mini, and a Mac Pro may be delayed for several months according to a new rumor, but how long will Apple hold back the updated M2 computers?
resident evil village on mac performance residentevilvillage09

Resident Evil Village shows just how good Mac gaming can be

Tested on a 16-inch MacBook Pro, the new Resident Evil Village port is the first game to come with MetalFX upscaling.
MacBook on a table with a PDF in Preview.

How to split and combine PDFs on Mac using Preview

You can take a lengthy PDF and turn it into separate files or combine two or more PDFs into one. Here’s how to split and combine PDFs on Mac using Preview.
Huawei MateStation X.

Could the Huawei MateStation X dethrone Apple’s iMac?

Huawei is updating its MateStation X with an all-new form factor, according to a leak on Weibo.
A MacBook Pro M2 sits on a wooden table with a nice bokeh background.

This new Best Buy program lets you lease a MacBook

Mac users in the U.S. can now upgrade their MacBooks thanks to a new program Best Buy offers, called Upgrade+. It’s essentially like a car lease, but for a Mac.
Stage manager in macOS Ventura.

macOS Ventura launches with Stage Manager and redesigned apps

MacOS Ventura has finally exited beta and is now available to download for all.
macOS Catalina running on a Steam Deck.

Thanks, I hate it: Someone installed macOS on a Steam Deck

One brave Reddit user has continued the noble tradition of putting macOS in places it shouldn’t be by installing it on a Steam Deck. The results are … mixed.
The back lid of the MacBook Pro.

Apple quietly launches unprecedented price cuts to its best MacBook Pros

Apple charges a hefty premium for its high-end notebooks. However, the company is now offering steep discounts on its refurbished 14-inch and 16-inch models.
ipad pro 2021.

Apple could launch a Frankenstein iPad Pro that runs macOS

A crazy new rumor claims Apple is going to bring macOS to the M2 iPad Pro in place of iPadOS. But there are several reasons why it doesn’t make much sense.
iPad Pro mockup running macOS.

I’m ready for an iPad with macOS — I’m just waiting on Apple to be

We're again hearing rumors of macOS coming to iPads. More than ever, the stage is almost set in 2022 from the hardware side. It's Apple that is holding it back.
DuckDuckGo is a privacy-first web browser.

DuckDuckGo’s new browser could help keep Mac users safe on the web

DuckDuckGo's privacy-first web browser has moved from the iPhone to the Mac and it might have even more security and safety than Apple's Safari.
Stage manager in macOS Ventura.

MacOS Ventura and new MacBooks Pros are both coming soon

Apple’s macOS Ventura operating system could be just a week away. While that’s great news, you’ll have to wait longer for the next MacBook Pro models.
Example of Stable Diffusion on Mac

How to run Stable Diffusion on your Mac

Looking for AI image generation apps to use on Mac? Here are the best ways to get Stable Diffusion software working on your Mac, from downloads to plugins.
MacBook on a table with the Finder sidebar open.

How to customize the Finder sidebar on Mac

Make the most of this convenient spot that lets you open files, folders, apps, and disks with a click. Here’s how to customize the Finder sidebar on Mac.
The Apple MacBook Pro 14 laptop propped up at an angle on a desk.

3 key things I want to see in the next MacBook Pro

The next MacBook Pro is due for release any time now, and there are three important ways Apple can improve it to make it even better than its predecessor.
The lid of the Surface Laptop 5.

Why Microsoft Surface still doesn’t have a true answer to the MacBook Air

Microsoft's new Surface Laptop 5 makes improvements, but still feels a step behind the M1 MacBook Air.
Apple MacBook Air M1 open, on a table.

October Prime Day: MacBook Air price crashes to $799

To top off its ample performance chops and Prime Day deal, if you can use an iPhone or iPad, you can start using the MacBook Air with no learning curve.