Microsoft Surface Pro tablets to debut as early as January 26

microsoft surface pro tablets to debut as early january 26 with pen

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Microsoft is doing its darnedest to appear cryptic about the impending release date for its Surface Pro tablet. Despite dropping sizable hints at every turn, and specific details coming out of Microsoft stores around the U.S., it’s still trying to remain a bit coy about the entire device. No matter how much the company tries to hide it, it’s likely we’ll see the Microsoft Surface Pro tablet before the end of the month.

Calls made around the country by CNET to Microsoft stores yielded a date as specific as January 26, which fits perfectly in the timeline created by Microsoft at the launch of Windows RT. When RT hit the market, the computer giant promised a tablet running the Pro version of Windows 8 would be available about ninety days later. An October 26 launch of Windows RT plus about ninety days would land pretty close to January 26.

Microsoft reaffirmed its promise of a January Surface Pro appearance back in November, offering launch specifications of a 64GB model for $900 and a 128GB model at $1,000. While some rumors have the tablet’s launch set back to January 29, odds are good Windows 8 Pro will have a portable home before February comes around. The real question is, will the release date matter if the price point remains where it is? It looks like we’ll find out in a couple weeks.