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Nvidia RTX 40-series may obliterate RTX 30, doubling the performance

New performance figures for the upcoming Nvidia GeForce “Ada Lovelace” RTX 40-series emerged, and this time around, they’re almost too good to be true.

According to the latest leak, one of the RTX 40-series GPUs could be twice as powerful as the current-gen RTX 30. Can we trust these benchmarks?

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I cannot specify which SKU, but it is internal RTX40 graphs.

— FCL (@QbitLeaks) September 7, 2022

Twitter leaker @QbitLeaks shared some interesting performance figures for an unnamed Nvidia GeForce RTX 40-series GPU. Alongside those metrics, QbitLeaks also shared what appear to be leaked renders of the upcoming RTX 4090. While the renders give us a peek into the design of the card, which remains largely unchanged from the current generation, the performance metrics pit it against its predecessor — and this is where it gets interesting.

Although we don’t know for certain, these benchmarks are likely coming from an RTX 4080, although the RTX 4090 is also a possibility. The leaker stated that “this is not the flagship,” so that makes us think primarily of the RTX 4080 — but there’s another option there, too. If the RTX 4090 is not the flagship, then that might be the card that’s being benchmarked. Many rumors have circulated about a possible RTX 4090 Ti or an RTX 4090 Titan, so everything is possible.

Regardless of the GPU model, the benchmarks are impressive and they were performed in six different games and three productivity applications. The games include Control, Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition, Minecraft, Quake II RTX, Dying Light 2, and Cyberpunk 2077, followed by Autodesk Arnold, Blender Cycles, and Chaos V-Ray on the productivity side of things. QbitLeaks mentioned that the games have been picked by Nvidia.

The performance gains start at 80% for the RTX 4000, but in many tests, the card is proven to be twice as fast as the RTX 3000 counterpart. We don’t know what kind of settings were used for the games, but we do know that these tests were done in 4K with raytracing enabled, but without Nvidia DLSS.

Teaser for GTC🙃

— FCL (@QbitLeaks) September 7, 2022

Moving on to the renders of the card, we’re seeing a very similar design to the RTX 30-series Founders Edition cards. The colors and the X-shaped cooler frame have both stayed the same. However, QbitLeaks renders seemingly confirm that the RTX 4090 features a 3-slot design — it’ll be one bulky GPU.

Now, the question is, can these benchmarks be trusted? Perhaps, but it’s too early to put too much stock into them. Nvidia still hasn’t officially talked about the next-gen graphics cards in any great capacity. We’ve heard from multiple sources that Ada Lovelace GPUs might offer a huge generational jump, but before we put any numbers on that claim, let’s wait to hear more from various other sources first.

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