Phantom Lapboard Materializes at Alienware

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Infinium Labs, a company often referred to as producing "vaporware", may have struggled getting their Phantom game console to market, but some good has come from the system in the form of their Lapboard. Part keyboard and part mouse, the Lapboard was first shown as a part of the Infinium Labs Phantom game console system which ultimately failed to make it to market.

Since then, the company has renamed itself to Phantom Entertainment, and plans to sell their Lapboard as a stand-alone product, with high-end PC manufacturer Alienware picking it up for use with their Media Center PC’s.
“Alienware’s Media Center PC together with the Phantom Wireless Lapboard will allow users to work or play games from a couch, easy chair or any comfortable setting in the home or workplace,” said Greg Koler, President and CEO of Phantom Entertainment, Inc.

“Our Phantom Lapboard is designed to be an ultimate wireless solution for home entertainment centers,” Koler said. “We look forward to working with Alienware to enhance the entertainment center experience in living rooms and other comfortable lifestyle settings.”

According to Phantom Entertainment, the Lapboard uses wireless technology and features an innovative ergonomic design. For the hardcore gamer, the mouse features a high-definition 1200 dpi laser while the keyboard uses interchangeable key-face technology so users can customize the keyboard to their liking.

The Lapboard can be purchased from the Phantom Entertainment online store for $129.95.