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Prime Day madness knocks 33% off this Razer 27-inch WQHD monitor

Razer Raptor 27 gaming
Riley Young / Digital Trends

PC gamers tend to put a lot of emphasis on their gaming PC or desktop, and for good reason, but you’ll need a top-quality gaming monitor if you want a screen that does your rig justice. If you haven’t upgraded from a basic display, you may want to take advantage of Walmart’s 33% discount for the 27-inch Razer Raptor gaming monitor. The retailer is riding the wave of Amazon’s Prime Day deals and the October Prime Day Big Deal Days event with discounts like this one, which slashes the monitor’s price from $800 to just $531 for a savings of $269. You’re going to have to hurry with your purchase, though, because we’re pretty sure that this bargain will get sold out quickly.

Why you should buy the 27-inch Razer Raptor gaming monitor

The Razer Raptor gaming monitor features a 27-inch screen with WQHD resolution that will let you better appreciate the graphics of the best PC games, as you’ll be able to clearly see all the details of the worlds you’re exploring. The gaming monitor also offers a 165Hz refresh rate, which is how often the images on the screen are updated, according to our computer monitor buying guide. The Razer Raptor was updated to add THX certification, which ensures the quality of the colors, sharpness, and panel performance. Combined with support for AMD’s FreeSync Premium and Nvidia’s G-Sync, you’ll enjoy immersive and uninterrupted gameplay.

The design of the Razer Raptor gaming monitor is simple and gorgeous — thin bezels around the screen, a cloth-like texture at the back, and the built-in cable management system are just some of its standout elements. The monitor’s aluminum base is solid and sturdy, and it’s also customizable with Razer Chrome RGB if you want a bit of style while you play video games on your Razer Raptor gaming monitor.

One of the best Prime Day monitor deals isn’t from Amazon, as Walmart is selling the 27-inch Razer Raptor gaming monitor for less than half its original price of $800. A 33% discount makes it very affordable at just $531, and you can spend the $269 that you’ll save on more video games and accessories. You’ll need to secure your own 27-inch Razer Raptor gaming monitor quickly, though, because we’re pretty sure that stocks are already running low for this premium gaming peripheral. This monitor will definitely take your gaming experience to a whole new level.

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Why you should buy the Razer Raptor 27 gaming monitor
The Razer Raptor 27 gaming monitor offers WQHD resolution on its 27-inch display, which will let you better appreciate the graphics of modern video games. The monitor also comes with a 165Hz refresh rate, which our computer monitor buying guide explains as how often the images on the screen are updated. It's faster than our recommended range of 120Hz to 144Hz, so you'll enjoy smoother movements, and with AMD's FreeSync Premium and Nvidia's G-Sync, your gameplay won't be interrupted by screen tearing and stuttering.

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