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Samsung Galaxy Player expected to debut at CES

samsung-galaxyplayerSamsung plans to introduce an iPod touch rival at CES next week, Samsung Hub claims. Insiders are saying that the media player will be modeled after the Galaxy S smartphone, without the phone function of course, and run Android OS 2.2 Froyo. Like the later-generation iPod touch, the device will feature front- and rear-facing cameras and come in 8, 16, and 32 GB options.

Samsung is wise to manufacture a player that is almost identical to its Galaxy S phones. The iPod touch is an iPhone replica sans cellular connection which has easily bested competitors like the Zune. Samsung is taking a note out of Apple’s playbook and will use a similar formula.

Here’s a look at the Galaxy Player’s reported specs:

  • 9.9 mm wide
  • 1 GHz Hummingbird processor
  • 4-inch LCD screen with up to WVGA resolution (800 x 400)
  • SoundAlive audio enchancing technology
  • Wi-Fi, GPS, and Bluetooth 3.0 enabled
  • 3.2 MP rear-camera
  • HD video playback
  • microSD card slot
  • Android Market and Samsung Apps access

In addition to using Apple’s iPod touch strategy, Samsung also appears to be tapping into continuing its Galaxy line. The Galaxy Tab has been an able iPad opponent (although unable to keep pace with the Apple tablet), and there were rumors earlier this year that a 10-inch version was on its way. And the Galaxy S, released in June, is swiftly approaching 10 million in global sales.  Together, the two devices have been an impressive boon for Samsung, and a PMP seems like a natural and profitable next step for the brand. Aside to developing the line, it will also give Android an in with consumers who like the platform but aren’t ready to commit to a two-year contract.

But how will it actually compare to the iPod touch? Well it won’t be able to offer quite as sharp of a retina display, but it should be able to compete relatively well and should take a piece out of Apple’s touch sales. There’s no word on pricing or availability at this stage of the game, but CES begins next week and Phandroid reports that it will be on display January 6 at the show.

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