As unlimited data plans grow more popular, Wi-Fi loses its dominance

As major cellphone service providers continue to re-introduce unlimited data to their content-hungry customers, it looks like folks are spending more time surfing the web on their phones in Wi-Fi free zones.
Home Theater

Banish the buffer screen with these tips for silky-smooth streaming video

If you’ve been having troubles with streaming Internet videos from Netflix and others in HD, the problem may be your network. Here’s how to make sure your streaming video experience goes smoothly.
Emerging Tech

SpaceX has successfully launched its first broadband satellites

Elon Musk has long outlined plans to launch low-orbiting satellites to beam high-speed internet to folks around the world as part of a program called "Starlink." The first two satellites were successfully launched on February 22.

Can’t get service? Head to an English church, soon to become a Wi-Fi hot spot

Thanks to a new agreement between the Church of England and the English government, churches in internet "dead zones" are now going to help facilitate the spread of information by facilitating broadband and Wi-Fi connectivity.
Smart Home

Wi-Fiber is creating safer cities by combining wireless tech, smart streetlights

An emerging networking and technology company, Wi-Fiber is building mesh-enabled Wi-Fi networks and smart streetlights to help cities gain connectivity, oversight, and advanced security solutions.

Intel wants to bring you faster Wi-Fi in the next couple of years

Intel recently made an announcement that it will be readying new chips for what is going to be the next generation of Wi-Fi. In 2018, Intel is going to make its home Wi-Fi portfolio larger with its new 802.11ax chips.

Wi-Fi wherever you go: Here’s how to set up a hot spot on Android and iOS

Being able to turn your phone into a Wi-Fi hot spot can be a huge help in times when there's no other Wi-Fi. But how do you do it? Here's how to set up a hot spot for Wi-Fi using your Android or iOS phone.
Emerging Tech

3D-printed objects can connect to Wi-Fi without electronics

Researchers at the University of Washington have made it easier to bring mundane objects online, enabling 3D-printed objects to connect to Wi-Fi without electronics or batteries.
Emerging Tech

Scientists create unpowered 3D-printed objects that can communicate via Wi-Fi

Using only mechanical elements like gears and springs, researchers have devised a way for unpowered plastic objects to communicate with your Wi-Fi network, opening the door to new possible applications.

What’s the Wi-Fi password? Share it easily in iOS 11 with Wi-Fi Sharing

Did you know you can easily share your Wi-Fi connection with other people if you’re using iOS 11? No? According to our latest Twitter poll, you’re not alone. Wi-Fi sharing allows you to easily connect friends to your network.

Extend your Wi-Fi range with one of the best Wi-Fi extenders

Your network is only as good as your Wi-Fi signal. In this guide we'll recommend to you five of the best Wi-Fi extenders to help boost your network, to make sure you have wireless signal everywhere in your home.

Faster Wi-Fi is in the cards for passengers on Cathay and Emirates airlines

Now that two airlines (Emirates and Cathay) have made commitments to bringing faster Wi-Fi speeds to their flights, you may finally feel as though your flight is as efficient as it really is.