Samsung Series 5 Chromebook: Hands-on pictures

It’s finally here: The Samsung Series 5 Chromebook. With its stark white chassis and sleek, petite build, Google’s Chrome OS notebook emobodies its minimalist intentions. Stripped free of software and your typical laptop storage system, the Series 5 is a mere 3.3-pounds of Web-optimized goodness that relies entirely on 3G and Wi-Fi connections. Its full-size QWERTY keyboard and 12.1-inch LED display bring some familiarity to the thus-far foreign device. One thing’s for sure: Opening up the Series 5 and seeing what should be a desktop peppered with file folders and program icons replaced by the Chrome browser is an unsettling experience – but one you might just be able to get used to. Given its extreme portability, speedy processing, and undeniable good looks, we’re at least willing to give the foremost in cloud-computing a try. We won’t judge a book by its cover, but we’re sure happy to take it for a spin.