SimCity for Mac planned for spring, features co-op play with Windows

SimCity 2013

We’ve got good news for people who want to play the new SimCity with friends on a different platform. The game’s developer, Maxis, announced that a Mac version is coming out this spring. But that’s not all; Maxis also revealed that PC and Mac gamers can play together on the same map. 

SimCity for Windows will be hitting stores on March 5, so it’s a shorter wait for Windows users. It’s taking some time for Maxis to ship the Mac version, which will only be available as a digital download, as the developer is working on a full native version as opposed to a mere port of the game for the operating system. When it comes out, anyone who has a Mac with at least a Core 2 processor running Snow Leopard can play the game. Unfortunately, Maxis has yet to reveal more concrete details about the Mac version, so we’ll likely hear more as we get closer to the projected release date. 

In order to effectively play SimCity, you’ll need a stable Internet connection. You won’t be able to save your progress if you lose your connection. As you’d expect, the new game features a cleaner interface and better graphics than any of the previous versions. To find out more about the new version of the classic game, check out our early preview of SimCity 2013

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