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SNL parodies just how awkward Google Glass truly is

Google Glass SNL

Google Glass just began shipping to select members of the press, but before they even hit public eyes (literally), there are already criticisms about its dorkiness and possible invasion of privacy. But beyond those concerns, we’re still trying to understand a slew of new gestures Google wants us to get accustomed to with the Glass. Like all new gadgets, fancy shortcuts and commands are meant to eventually become standard … yet it doesn’t make using them any less weird to onlookers. To this day, we still find it awkward when someone with a Bluetooth headset appears to be talking to themselves.

Luckily, you don’t have to personally undergo the hassle. Saturday Night Live‘s fictional tech correspondent Randall Meeks appeared on the show’s Weekend Update segment to show off the struggles of Google Glass – everything from poor voice recognition to indiscreet gestures and overall concept silliness.

“I used to spend so much time of my life looking down at my phone, and now, thanks to Google Glass, the phone is up here and I can use it without being rude or distracting!” Meeks says, defending the Glass mishaps like all fanboys do with their new toys.

To be fair, Google Voice works pretty well in our experiences compared to Siri, so the poor guy might be overdoing the whole voice command thing. Still, we think it’s going to look pretty dumb directing the Glass out loud in the middle of the street every time you feel like taking a video. We didn’t even think about the possibility of people “discreetly” watching porn in public with the Glass, but now that Meeks demonstrated … well, yikes.

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