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Spotify adds lyrics to desktop app so you can annoy the hell out of everyone nearby

In a move that could cause untold friction in households around the world, Spotify has announced it’s adding a new ‘lyrics’ button to the desktop version of its music streaming service.

The new feature comes courtesy of Musixmatch – owner of the largest lyrics catalog in the world – so your ability to sing along to your favorite tunes and annoy the hell out of anyone in the same room is now only a click away.

In the coming weeks you’ll find the button at the bottom of the desktop app – hit it with any track (er, you can forget instrumentals, obviously) and away you go. It’s also possible to search and browse lyrics from popular tracks using the Explore feature.

It sounds like a neat integration into Spotify, making it easier for music fans to not only indulge in some karaoke fun, but also to catch the words of artists who tend to garble, mumble and slur rather than sing.

Other improvements rolled out Thursday include an enhanced Friend Feed making it easier to discover what music your buddies are getting off on, and a new ‘daily viral charts’ feature serving up the most shared tracks around the world and in your region. Additionally, all charts now feature indicators to highlight new music and how tracks are performing day by day.

We assume the new lyrics button won’t be coming to mobile, as breaking into song while you’re out and about listening on headphones is only going to end horribly (though Musixmatch’s own apps already let you do this).

[Source: Spotify]

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