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Spotify bugs discovered: beware, it may forget your Starred songs


Those of you preparing to move your entire musical life to Spotify may want to hold off as a rather nasty bug may have been unearthed. VentureBeat is reporting that many users have Starred (saved) Spotify songs only to find that they had vanished hours or days later. These reports specifically point to songs that have been saved into a collection from Spotify itself, not songs that were imported from a local library of music. Still, it’s no fun to spend hours making a collection of music, then log back in to find it’s gone.

“I just signed up yesturday, starred 1700 tracks and now they are gone,” wrote one user on GetSatisfaction. “Logging out and back in didn’t help. Fix ASAP.”

The writer at VentureBeat also experienced this problem, and I have as well. Some of my own Spotify Starred tracks have disappeared, while others have remained. This isn’t the only bug to pop up during the U.S. launch of the service. Our own Molly McHugh noted a few problems during our hands-on time with the service. It’s difficult to say how widespread the problems with Spotify are at this time, but there are definitely some issues.

Not even Spotify knows the cause of the problem, or if it’s a problem at all. “We believe that the starred tracks are simply taking longer to load than usual, but we are looking into it. In the mean time, I would like to recommend that you try a ‘clean reinstallation’ which may solve the problem,” said a Spotify representative.

If you have experienced this bug, or any other, please let us know in the comments below. Until then, sign up for Spotify at your own risk.

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