Spotify releases Spotiamp tribute to Winamp

spotify releases spotiamp tribute winamp

If you’ve been following the story of beloved desktop media player Winamp, you’ll know that development on the program is ceasing this month. Now Spotify has paid its own tribute to the application by releasing Spotiamp, a Winamp-style desktop client that can plug into your Spotify Premium account.

The app enables you to play through your playlists, search for tracks, listen to a special radio stream, send your music to Shoutcast-compatible speakers and apply equalizer effects to your tunes (a feature not available in Spotify’s main client). If you still have your Winamp visualizations, then you can plug these into Spotiamp too.

Winamp might not be completely dead and buried yet — as we’ve previously reported, Microsoft is rumored to be in talks to buy the software code from AOL. Until that deal becomes official (if it ever does), Winamp lovers will have to make do with Spotiamp instead. Head to the official page to download it.

“Spotiamp is a Windows program that lets you login to your Spotify account and play your playlists,” runs the blurb on Spotiamp’s website. “It aims to be resource efficient and perform in a really fast and snappy way… Thank you Winamp – you really whipped the llama’s ass :).”

Winamp was first released back in 1997 and achieved a huge level of popularity before the days of iTunes. Its rise coincided with the development of the MP3 as a recognizable music format, and the software become associated with the first boom in digital music and its associated possibilities. On the Spotify blog, Winamp is described as “one of the oldest and most important pieces of software in the history of digital music.”