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Ridiculously dangerous DIY helmet lets you shoot fire from your eyes

In today’s edition of “Please Don’t Try This At Home,” we present to you the ridiculously dangerous Cyclops Visor, which is living proof that some things from the movies are better left … in the movies. Modeled after X-Men character Scott Summers, better known as Cyclops, this homemade, fully functioning helmet is really a flamethrower that lets you shoot fire out of your eyes. Because in this day and age, there aren’t already enough ways to cause bodily harm to yourself and others.

Cyclops, X-Men character created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby
Cyclops, X-Men character created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby

The brainchild of YouTuber and DIYer Sufficiently Advanced, this helmet isn’t even the first of this creative’s wacky, comic book-inspired creations. Last year, we told you that Sufficiently Advanced used a set of extremely powerful electromagnets, some batteries, and a fingerprint sensor to create an electromagnetic replica of Thor’s hammer that only he can lift. But somehow, this Cyclops helmet seems a bit more, shall we say, ambitious.

There’s a fuel tank and a pump attached to the helmet, which shoots out a highly flammable mixture of acetone, methanol, strontium chloride, and red tiki torch fuel. By way of a triggerlike mechanism on the side of the helmet, Sufficiently Advanced is able to send flames not quite out of his eyes, but really, close enough. Perhaps most impressive is the degree of accuracy the creator managed with his twin fire beams, which even he seemed impressed by in the video of the stunt.

As cool as it may look, be warned that you really shouldn’t be trying this at home. There’s dripping accelerant around your face, the possibility of a fuel tank explosion, and oh, the fact that you’re effectively wearing blinders that do, in fact, blind you when you’re shooting fire in your field of vision. But if you want to watch a YouTube video of a real life Cyclops, please enjoy.

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