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Fonesalesman features its FurniQi furniture to facilitate wireless charging

Fonesalesman FurniQi Side Table
Updated 10/8/2015: FurniQi has launched its Indiegogo campaign. 

Charging without wires is so much less hassle, and we’re starting to see more out-of-the-box support for it in some of the latest smartphone releases, one example being the Galaxy Note 5. That’s why Fonesalesman has just unveiled a new wireless charging furniture range called FurniQi.

The first product in the range is a simple side table, crafted from hand-harvested Mao Zhu Bamboo and designed to fit unobtrusively with any decor. As the name suggests, it supports the popular Qi wireless charging standard. The table itself looks plain, with just a simple ring on the surface to indicate where you should place your device for charging. It’s something you could easily mistake for a coffee mug mark. Obviously, you do still need to plug the table in (wireless charging hasn’t come that far just yet), but the power cable runs down one of the four legs and comes out the bottom, so it’s nicely tucked away.

We’ve seen wireless charging solutions from Fonesalesman before, and they’ve been good. In fact, the interesting QiStone+, which combines a wireless charging pad and a battery pack, made it onto our best wireless chargers list. The forthcoming side table is just the first release in the FurniQi range, which hopes to find a place in offices and homes.

Fonesalesman FurniQi Side Table

“Marking our entry into the world of furniture, we have put a lot of thought into the table’s design and usability,” Bavan Palasanthiran, Founder of Fonesalesman, said in a press release, “The FurniQi side table is incredibly easy to assemble taking a mere 60 seconds from opening up the box to having a complete table ready to charge your device. This table brings wireless power naturally to your home, meaning charging your smartphone is now more convenient than ever.”

The idea of wireless charging built into furniture isn’t new, but it has yet to be perfected. Check out our Ikea wireless charging furniture review to find out what we thought of the Swedish furniture giant’s first foray into wireless charging.

The FurniQi side table is going to launch in October, through a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, but there’s no word on pricing just yet. You can sign up at FurniQi now for early access and possible perks. We’ll bring you a full review of the table just as soon as we can get our hands on one.

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