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Smart gym bag promises to clean itself and everything inside it

Introducing Paqsule - The Smart, Self-Cleaning Bag
Virtually everyone has had the experience of opening their gym bag to be greeted by a malodorous gust of sweaty workout clothes and smelly sneakers.

The folks behind new Kickstarter Paqsule think they’ve come up with a crowd-pleasing solution — and, no, it’s not ditching exercise to stay at home.

“Paqsule is a bag that cleans itself and anything you put inside it,” co-creator Ravid Yosef told Digital Trends. “Using UV-c and O3 (read: ozone) technology, it sanitizes, deodorizes and kills bacteria with the touch of a button to keep your bag and everything inside smelling fresh.”

A chemical-free, FDA approved process, Yosef says that everything that occurs inside the Paqsule gym bag occurs naturally. It works by first trapping bacteria inside. The owner can then activate the unit, which causes ozone to fill the bag, killing odor and bacteria on contact. UV-C light acts as an additional layer, sterilizing against viruses and pathogens. Each cycle takes 35 minutes to complete, after which the ozone converts back to oxygen, leaving the bag and its contents smelling fresh.

Thanks to an iOS and Android app you can even control the bag’s technology from a distance, and get an alert when the fresh cycle is complete. In essence, it’s the same principle that causes air to smell the way it does after a rainstorm — only with an added dose of tech thrown in for good measure.

The bag itself is stylish, and boasts a range of other smart features.

“We really wanted Paqsule to be the only duffel bag you would ever need,” Yosef continued. “Rather than having multiple bags for different uses, our cleaning system allows you to use one bag to crossover from the gym to work to travel. We also have a USB charging station and over twenty premium features with lots of pockets to help organize just about anything.”

You can currently pre-order Paqsule on Kickstarter, with prices starting at $229. Shipping is set to take place this summer. Let’s hope the concept is still “fresh” by then.

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