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This fold-up smart home gym packs 100+ exercises, takes up minimal space

With the pandemic still keeping people indoors, going to the gym may seem all but impossible. That’s where Speediance comes in. Speediance is an all-in-one smart home gym that allows you to do more than 100 exercises with ease. Best of all, it has a small footprint when stowed so that you don’t have to turn your living room into a full YMCA.

Speediance comes with a 21.5-inch touchscreen hanging from a curved support beam hoisted above the base where the gears and processor live. The design negates the need for installation or wall mounting and, when folded up, it only takes up 3.2 square feet of space. There are four attachment loops located around the support bar that allows you to use Speediance with your favorite weight accessories.

Speaking of accessories, Speediance comes with its own set of smart accessories. These accessories include a bar, bench, resistance straps, and more. There’s something to target every muscle group in your body. Speediance allows you to lift to 220 pounds of digital weight and do over 100 exercises, from bicep curls to back squats and everything in between.

Male using speediance home gym.

You don’t only get an exercise machine with Speediance; you get A.I. analysis and personalized training from fitness experts. It wouldn’t be a smart gym if you had to do everything by yourself. The A.I. that’s built into Speediance will record and examine every workout you do on the machine. It will offer tips to help you reach your goals and even reduce the weight resistance if it detects you are reaching your limits.

Speediance is not a device for only one person. It offers profiles so that each member in the household can use it and keep track of their own goals and progress. Featuring a folding, space-saving design, touchscreen, and A.I. assistance, Speediance is truly a unique way to get a full workout from your home.

Speediance is currently listed on Kickstarter, even though the company has blown past its pledge goals. You’ll have two packages to choose from: The base system or one with a set of smart accessories included. The starting pledge for the machine is $1,699 and it is projected to start shipping in May 2022. It’s important to realize that a Kickstarter pledge isn’t a guarantee, so keep that in mind before you decide on backing any product.

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