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This unique GoPro stand frames your footage just how you want it

SLOPES Black edition

While most GoPro holders include tripods of various shapes and sizes or bendy contraptions with clamps, there’s another one vying for attention that claims to offer 18 different shooting angles in a snap.

Called Slopes, the “instant stand” is a unique compact cradle that accepts your GoPro in four different ways – forwards, backwards, portrait, and landscape. Combine these with its variously angled surfaces and you can place the kit in 18 different ways, with no two perspectives the same.

gopro slopes 2

Set up takes just “two seconds,” and there’s “no messing with screws and positioning arms.” Just slot the camera in and away you go. Slopes also includes a Lego-compatible underside so you could, as shown in the video above, build a makeshift dolly or something similar to grab a few low-down moving shots with your GoPro.   

gopro slopes

The undeniably handy device, which is compatible with all Hero cameras except the smaller Session camera, is actually a follow-up to a similar design released by the same maker last year. The difference? The latest one offers your GoPro more protection as it’s designed to hold the action camera in its housing. Last year’s model was a housing-free design.

With so many angles to choose from, the Slopes device probably won’t be much good for indecisive types – you’d be there all day wondering which angle to go for – but for those who know the shot they want, the innovative stand could certainly provide a useful solution for a quick and easy way to change the view.

Slopes is the work of Beijing-based professional photographer Ruogu Zhou and is currently looking for funding on Indiegogo. Early-bird backers anywhere in the world can snag one for just $15, with October 2016 targeted for delivery.

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