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The Atmos is a personal air filter that straps to your face

Ao Air’s Atmos Faceware is trying to solve increasing levels of air pollution throughout the world with a new gadget in the form of a futuristic-looking air filter face mask. 

The Atmos debuted at CES 2020 as a high-tech solution to poor air quality. The actual device is a clear mask that goes across your face, covering your nose and mouth. 

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The technology works like this: The mask includes fans inside that adapt to your breathing and clean air coming from the mask at about 240 liters per minute. 

“A standard mask requires your lungs to do the work by pulling the air across the mask filter before it goes in your lungs; a negative pressure system,” Ao Air explains on the FAQ section of its website. “The Atmos works for you by pushing the air across the filters with the li-ion powered fans. This generates a pocket of clean air in front of your face ready, for your next breath, a positive pressure system.”

The mask’s filters last about one month, depending on the environmental air quality, and the batteries last about five hours, depending on lung capacity, physical activity, and air quality. 

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Atmos weighs in at under 290 grams (less than one pound) and is made of silicon. While it’s not waterproof, it can withstand some light rain. 

Ao Air claims up to 50 times better protection than its competitors, which it attributes to independent testing by the Auckland University of Technology.

The mask protects poor air quality caused by dust particles, pollen, mold spores, pet dander, pollution, and even ash. The mask’s debut is timely considering the horrific bushfires happening in Australia right now, where the country’s skies are filled with fire and ash. 

As the world is literally heating up — whether in Australia, California, or the Amazon rainforest — air filters and air purifiers like this one are becoming more popular since over time, poor air quality can lead to a slew of respiratory diseases or even, in some cases, cancer.

You can pre-order the mask for $350. Ao Air said that it expects the mask to start shipping in July. 

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