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DT Daily: CES 2017 highlights include robotic wheels, chip injections, and 5G

Welcome to the second day of the CES 2017 edition of DT Daily. We’re here to get you up to speed on some of the biggest tech we’ve seen in Las Vegas this week.

Watch Digital Trends’ experts Steph Stricklen and Greg Nibler and special guest David Cogen from TheUnlockr share their reactions to the hottest categories and devices at CES. Hear their comments, excitement, and what they think you would like to know about a motorhome with a helicopter on the roof, tech for pets, levitating speakers, injected chips to control smart home devices, smartphone video in hotel rooms, fast-charging 5G chips, and the Digital Trends Best of CES 2017 Awards.

Tech to soak and roll in

Sticklen started off by asking Cogen and Nibler about the most interesting things they had seen so far at CES. Nibler jumped in, talking about a motorhome with both a helicopter and a hot tub on the roof. Cogen saw that, too and said the inside walls are lined with LED screens. Nibler claims it for his own. Both also exclaimed about Furrion Robotics‘ rolling transformer robot. Called the Prosthesis, Nibler said it looks like a giant PCV ball you sit in as you are preparing for world domination.

Robots for your pets

All three experts observed CES has loads of pet tech this year. Stricklen mentioned tracking collars and a ball with a camera inside so you can get video of your dog slobbering. Nibler showed images of Swagtron‘s robot for pets that can play catch, give treats, and scare cats from under the bed.

Chip injections

Injectable diodes were appealing at first to Stricklen. She was fascinated by the idea of a chip injection that you could use to control devices in your smart home — until she learned how it’s injected.

Car shame

Stricklen mentioned a car that can read your emotions and adjust your speed if you’re in the dumps. She is not a fan of that idea. Nibler doesn’t want his car shaming him, either.

Video on smartphones

Cogen, Nibler, and Stricklen all talked about how people are more and more just using phones and laptops for video. Stricklen said when she stays in hotels, she doesn’t turn on the television but just watches everything on her phone.

5G cell phone charging

Stricklen noted a new Qualcomm chip for 5G phones the company claims can charge for five hours use in five minutes. All agreed that will be a game changer.

Who’s having the most fun at CES

Nibler talked about the Digital Trends’ staffer who is having the most fun, Cool Tech editor Drew Prindle. Stricklen agreed, saying she saw him last night and asked what he was doing and he said, “I’m going have a couple beers and go see some drones!”

Digital Trends Best of CES 2017 Awards

Nibler and Stricklen both talked about the Digital Trends Best of CES 2017 Awards, which they called the Cyber Stag awards. Stricklen said she was on the DT bus when they were deciding which companies were the winners and was impressed by how seriously the writers and editors were in their deliberations. Stricklen also mentioned that one of the awards was going to be given live during a broadcast in the booth.

That is it for our DT Daily CES report. Stick with us as Digital Trends takes its biggest army of reporters yet to cover every corner of the show, bringing you the coolest and most meaningful tech innovations to be found. We can’t wait to tell you about it!

Digital Trends is live all week at CES 2017 in Las Vegas. Check out our continuing coverage live on YouTube, Facebook, #DTces, and

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