DT Daily: Android Pay launch, iPhone 6+ problems

It appears that Android Pay will be launching this Wednesday- that’s according to a leaked internal memo from McDonald’s. Several tips from McDonald’s staffers to AndroidPolice confirm that preparations are underway for Google’s NFC based payment system. McDonald’s is known for pioneering new technologies, as it did with both touchscreen ordering systems and Apple Pay. There’s no word yet on which other businesses may be preparing to implement Android Pay this week.

iPhone 6 plus owners suffering from fuzzy photos are in for some good news. Apple has found that a small number of its supersized smartphones have an issue with the rear camera that could result in “blurry” images. Devices with the fault were sold between September 2014 and January 2015. The defect may have something to do with the Plus’s optical image stabilization capability, a feature absent from the smaller iPhone 6. Apple says that anyone with an affected phone can have the camera unit replaced free of charge.

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