DT Daily: iPhone 6S launch, Facebook milestone

We now know that the next iPhone will be unveiled to the world on September 9th. With plenty of rumors already out on the internet, we’re eagerly anticipating seeing what is and what isn’t included in Apple’s next flagship handset. We do expect Force Touch from the Apple Watch to appear in the new iPhone, along with the long awaited addition of NFC.
There’s also the possibility of Apple unveiling a smaller iPhone 6c. The countdown has started and there’s less than 2 weeks to wait.

At last count, there are over 7 billion people on the planet, and on Monday, a billion of them, logged on to Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg announced the extraordinary milestone on Thursday, telling the world that for the first time ever, “1 in 7 people used Facebook” in a single day. The social network has around 1.5 billion users who hop onto the site at least once a month, but a billion in a single 24-hour period is certainly a milestone. Further growth for Facebook will depend on the success of Zuckerberg’s initiatives to develop the internet in remote areas and developing nations.

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