DT Daily: Uber’s phantom cars

Uber is trying to explain the phantom car phenomenon on its mobile app. Researchers claim that the cars on Uber’s maps are part of a visual effect that has little to do with accurate vehicle location. Even worse, a statement from an Uber employee calls the map nothing more than a screen saver. However, once a rider requests a trip, actual information about the partners location does show up in the app. Uber engineers do state that they are improving the real-time accuracy of the mapping software.

Two recent disruptions in service for United airlines could be attributed to Chinese hackers. A Bloomberg report states United was targeted by the same hackers that stole data from the US government’s Office of Personnel Management. While United isn’t confirming a link between the service disruptions of the past 2 months, it’s a much more plausible explanation than the quote, router troubles that took the blame.

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