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Digital Trends Live: Game streaming wars, Galaxy S11 rumors, and more

On this episode of Digital Trends Live, hosts Greg Nibler and Drew Prindle discuss the biggest trending tech stories of the day, including the battle over game streaming, Google’s “Personal Safety” app, Galaxy S11 rumors, artificial skin that may let you feel VR, a Minecraft AR game, and more.

We then go to TwitchCon with Riley Winn, who talks with Twitch streamer William “Jericho” Boner about Packy and Marlon, the first game he ever played.

Prindle then sits down with Jonathan Rivers of the U.N. World Food Programme’s hunger-monitoring unit, who discusses a new interactive world hunger map and predictive data for areas in dire need of food.

Finally, Winn is back with Alexia Raye, who went from Vine star to YouTube star, to talk about her favorite game and the future of e-sports.

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