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Digital Trends Live: Samsung Galaxy Unpacked news, coronavirus update, and more

On this episode of Digital Trends Live, hosts Greg Nibler and Adrien Warner discuss the top-trending tech topics of the day, including all the news on the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event, more Mobile World Congress withdrawals, continued coronavirus fallout, the Broomstick Challenge, Ford’s emoji jacket, and more.

Emily Shallal

Emily Shallal, senior director of consumer strategy and innovation for Ally Bank, joins us to talk about how to break the cycle of poor financial planning and the different free tools available to help build wealth.

We then turn to automotive news, where we discuss GM’s announcement of an electric Hummer, as well as how the electric truck market is starting to gain some momentum.

Wendy Gonzalez

Nibler then talks to Wendy Gonzalez, interim chief executive officer of Samasource, about how letting A.I. run with bad data can result in biased or inaccurate outcomes.

Theresa Desuyo

Theresa Desuyo, digital family and screen time expert at Qustodio, then speaks about providing parental guideposts in the digital world, and how they can help add a layer of monitoring and blockers to smart devices for kids.

Finally, we look into the world of genetically modified moths, and how they’re being used instead of pesticides to control harmful insect populations.

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