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Digital Trends Live: Coronavirus’s continued fallout, and more

On this episode of Digital Trends Live, hosts Greg Nibler and Caleb Denison discuss the top-trending tech stories of the day, including the continued effects of the coronavirus around the world, Walmart’s new subscription service, New Zealand Air’s sleep pods, a concept phone from Apex, and more.

We then go hands-on with Sony’s new game MLB The Show, as we take a look at the gameplay, features, and more.

Eric Mitchell

Our focus on the effects of the coronavirus continues with Eric Mitchell, co-founder of LifeFlip Media, who discusses how the fallout from quarantines and supply chain disruption could last for months.

It’s then time for our Work/Life segment with Ciara Pressler, founder and author of Pregame, who talks about the importance and value of taking a vacation in order for you to get the most out of your work.

AJ Keller

AJ Keller, chief executive officer of Neurosity, later joins the program to talk about the first brain computing platform you wear on your head to measure brain waves.

Next up, Ken Yeung discusses the biggest tech stories of the past week in our Tech Briefs segment. This week, he recaps the coronavirus shutting down multiple tech shows, new foldables, and the Clearview A.I. hack.

David Foulkes

Nibler then speaks with David Foulkes, CEO of Brunswick Corporation, about taking innovation to the high seas with new automation for its fleet of boats.

Finally, it’s time for our TBD segment, where Adrien Warner and Jess Surbaugh discuss why Craigslist seems to be stuck in the year 2000.

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