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Digital Trends Live: Latest on coronavirus, robot submarines, and more

On this episode of Digital Trends Live, hosts Greg Nibler and Caleb Denison discuss the top-trending stories of the day, including the latest coronavirus cancellations and fallout, Twitter’s “manipulated media” label, remote pilots for driverless pods, the Navy’s killer robot submarines, and more.

After the roundup, Denison, a senior editor at DT, walks us through a home tour of the new Yamaha home theater.

Rom Krupp

Next up, Rom Krupp, founder and chief executive office of OneDine, discusses how integration with restaurant point-of-sale systems helps to improve the dining experience.

We then roll on to the topic of tires, and how Goodyear’s concept tire can take a refill, then rebuild and retread itself.

Leigh Fatzinger

Finally, Nibler speaks with Leigh Fatzinger, founder and CEO of Turbine Labs, about how to sift through the barrage of (often fake) news, and how getting the facts can be a tedious process.

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