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Digital Trends Live: Pixel 4a leaks, TikTok’s ‘transparency,’ and more

On this episode of Digital Trends Live, hosts Greg Nibler and Drew Prindle discuss the top-trending stories in tech, including (wait for it) more coronavirus cancellations, leaked Pixel 4a video, TikTok’s “transparency center,” SpaceX plans to launch astronauts, and more.

DT’s Riley Winn then hits the streets to talk to people to see who they think would win in a fight between Marvel and DC Universe comic book characters.

Daniel G. Hernandez

Next up. Daniel G. Hernandez, vice president of data and A.I. at IBM, talks about how advancements in technology mean that A.I. can understand complicated language like idioms.

Waiting for that PC you ordered? It may not be getting to you on time. We take a look at how COVID-19 is affecting the PC supply chain and could push industry sales down year over year.

Falon Fatemi

Nibler then speaks with Falon Fatemi, founder and chief executive officer of Node, about tackling bias in tech in our “Women With Byte” series.

Ian Schafer

Later, Ian Schafer, co-founder and CEO of Kindred, speaks about the Kindred2020 event in September, and how social media platforms are having to evolve and transform before our very eyes on issues like disinformation, transparency, and privacy.

Finally, it’s time for our weekly look at the intersection of technology and pop culture with our TBD segment. This week, we talk about remote schooling and the DingTalk app, which parents love and kids hate.

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