GoPro’s drone is named Karma, and you should register to win one

It’s Thursday December 10, 2015, and in case you aren’t counting, that’s 14 shopping days left till Christmas. So, if you still have holiday shopping to do, you may now officially freak out. I know I am. Anyway, here are some of the tech stories we’re following today:

We now have a name for GoPro’s forthcoming drone. It’s called Karma, and if you’ve got some Karma points sitting in the credit column, you should plan to register to win one of 100 being given away. GoPro has been super tight-lipped about its drone, but we know it shoots gorgeous 4K video, which you see in the video above, and because it’s GoPro, there’s probably all kinds of other bad-assery in store to be excited about.

One thing GoPro hasn’t disclosed is when we can buy one, but the terms and conditions of its giveaway suggest winners will be selected in April of 2016, so, probably pretty soon. Given GoPro’s popular brand, this could be the best selling single drone ever, so we’ll keep our eyes peeled for more details as they fly in.

The Samsung Gear VR is almost too good to be true. If you’ve got one of several Samsung smart phones, how can you not get one at just $99?

But if you’re holding out for the much-anticipated Oculus Rift, we’ve got some good news for you. Anyone who pre-orders a Rift will get a free copy of the space-based dog-fighting game, Eve Valkyrie. We can tell you from experience, it’s a super-cool game worthy of getting excited about, and definitely a good way to show off the Rift, so it should be a good coming out party for Oculus, whenever that might be.

A pre-order date hasn’t been announced, but CES IS right around the corner soooo … maybe we won’t have to wait too long to find out. Come to think of it, maybe GoPro will have something to announce at the show as well?

Finally, Google Play Music is now giving Apple music and Spotify a serious run for their money. Earlier this year Google announced it would soon bring a family plan that would allow up to six individual users for a flat fee of $15 a month.

Just like Apple Music, right? BUT what Google didn’t say when it first announced the family plan was that it would also include access to both YouTube Red and YouTube music.

If you’re not familiar, YouTube Red is the video streamer’s ad-free subscription service which will ultimately include exclusive access to YouTube produced movies and TV series, while YouTube Music is basically an all-music version of YouTube with tons of playlists available based on what you like. By tossing those services in for up to six people at a time at only $15, suddenly Google’s Play Music plan doesn’t look to bad. Especially compared to Spotify, which has no real family plan to speak of.

Will you switch? Leave us a comment below and of course you will find more about all these stories and the rest of the days tech news and reviews at That’s it for today, we’ll see you again tomorrow!

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