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Reel News: Renée Zellweger in Judy, plus First Love, and Abominable

Need help figuring out what movie to see this weekend? Look no further! Join Erin Keeney and Jess Surbaugh for our Reel News segment, as they dive into the biggest movies opening this weekend, and if they’re worth seeing.

First up is Renée Zellweger in Judy, the biopic of Hollywood legend Judy Garland. “It’s interesting,” says Keeney. “We’re getting a chance to see Judy Garland at the end of her career, instead of simply the Dorothy of Wizard of Oz.” Zellweger recently received a three-minute standing ovation at the Toronto International Film Festival, and she says her performance is a real love letter to Garland. Judy opens in theaters September 27.

“If you want less tears and more Tarantino-esque action, then perhaps First Love is for you,” says Surbaugh. From prolific director Takashi Miike, First Love “is a great mash-up love story and classic gangster film.” The movie is set over a single night in Tokyo, and it follows a down-on-his-luck boxer who meets a call girl who is caught up in a drug-smuggling scam. “It has eccentric characters, and there’s blood everywhere,” says Surbaugh. Crowds went wild at Cannes, and it currently has a 100% Rotten Tomatoes rating. First Love opens in select theaters September 27.

Switching gears, we take a look at the new Dreamworks animated film Abominable, an epic journey through China from director Jill Culton. Showcasing a multi-cultural platform, it’s the first big studio CG film to feature both a Chinese cast and setting. Keeney notes that she is excited to see it, both for “magical visual effects, but also to support women in film.” Abominable opens in theaters everywhere September 27.

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