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ABCMouse Free Trial: Get your first month free

When it comes to educational content for kids, of any age, you have to be selective. With ABCMouse, you know they’re getting the right experience and it’s a fantastic home learning tool for kids under eight years old. Since virtual learning is here to stay, whether in an official educational capacity or just on the side for some summer or extracurricular studies, it’s really one of the best places to go. If you’re a teacher or a parent, it helps to know some of the best online learning platforms and that they can be great resources for helping your students. ABCMouse is a fantastic home learning tool for kids under eight years old, and an ABCMouse free trial is a great way to see if it’s the right tool for your kids. The full curriculum of ABCMouse includes such subjects as reading, math, science, and art, and it includes more than 10,000 learning activities. Of course, it is a paid service, which might leave you wanting to give it a try before spending any money. An ABCMouse free trial will help you get the learning started.

Is there an ABCMouse free trial?

ABC Mouse

Not only is there an ABCMouse free trial, but it’s one of the best free trials you’ll come across. The award-winning learning academy opens up the entirety of its curriculum for the free trial, which lasts a full 30 days. The ABCMouse library of curriculum includes more than 850 lessons across 10 levels. It’s a carefully designed program that guides the student from one lesson to the next as he or she completes them. Motivation to continue learning comes from ABCMouse’s Tickets and Rewards System.

With online learning continuing to evolve, ABCMouse continues to lead the way. The curriculum itself is one of the best homeschooling resources for children under the age of eight, but the platform itself is well-organized and easily navigated. ABCMouse is even one of the best Made for Samsung apps, and the full range of ABCMouse’s offerings are included with the ABCMouses free trial. The free trial is good for 30 days, at which point ABCMouse is just $13 per month until you cancel. While a MasterClass free trial is worth considering for adults, an ABCMouse free trial is the one to go for if you have kids.

Can you get ABCMouse for free?

The ABCMouse free trial is the only way to get access to the award-winning learning platform at zero cost, but ABCMouse is very fairly priced at just $13 per month. There are no tiers or different subscription plans to think your way through. $13 per month gets you full access to the full library of ABCMouse curriculum and all of the features that come with it. And while it isn’t quite free, ABCMouse’s special annual offer will get you a lot closer to the zero-dollar price point, as it offers a 70% savings, and one year of access to ABCMouse for just $45. However, if the opportunity to learn for free is what you’re in search of, the best free online classes are out there to explore, and they have no cost to them, nor any sort of commitment necessary.

While ABCmouse is designed for younger children and students, anyone older might be interested in the Chegg free trial, a virtual tutoring service the offers help with homework, preparation for exams, professional proofreading, in-depth subject analysis, writing assistance, and more. It’s definitely geared towards high school and college students, so it’s a fantastic resource to keep in mind for when your children are grown, too!

Are there any ABCMouse deals?

ABC Mouse

ABCMouse offers a great deal from time to time. We’ve seen 50% off discounts on annual subscriptions pop up at various points throughout the year, and right now ABCMouse is offering 70% off an annual subscription. This brings the total to just $45 for one year of access to the ABCMouse library of curriculum. The standard ABCMouse monthly cost isn’t discounted right now, but it’s so well-priced that it’s pretty much a deal that’s taking place all the time. After your 30-day ABCMouse free trial ends, the cost of access is just $13 per month. Commitment is on a month-to-month basis if you take that route, and with access to the full library for just $13, your kids are able to take in as many lessons as they can in that timeframe. That’s a pretty good deal, made even better by anyone who wants to put their monthly subscription to good use.

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