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Amazon drops prices on Ring’s Smart Lighting with bundle saving you up to 30%

Post-Amazon Ring is a completely different company. Before the acquisition, it was cameras and doorbells. But now flush with cash, Ring has expanded into other product lines, most notably in the home security space. Its latest creation is Ring Smart Lighting, which integrate into your Ring system to turn your lights on automatically when you arrive home, and through special bundles you can save up to 30%.

The lights require the Ring Bridge, which you receive with your kit. That bridge connects your devices to your Wi-Fi network and also the Ring cloud. As a result, you can control your lights via the Ring app (and Alexa, too!), and motion detection by your cameras around your house can trigger your lighting system.

So far there are four different lights; a spotlight, a floodlight, a pathlight, and a steplight. Ring also sells a motion sensor for the system, and even a transformer that can connect your non-Ring low-voltage lighting to your system. We’ve spotted a few of these lights on sale.

The first package includes the battery-powered floodlight and the Ring Bridge. Sold separately for $100, you can pick up this bundle deal for only $70 on Amazon at the moment. We’d recommend this option if you’re most worried about a particular area — say your driveway or your back patio. The floodlight is powerful enough (600 lumens) to light up larger areas than the single floodlights do.

If you just need lighting in a smaller area, or multiple areas, then the two-spotlight bundle is a good option (it too includes the bridge). You’ll save $30 by purchasing the bundle deal ($100). The individual spotlight lights up a smaller area, but at 400 lumens of brightness it provides more than enough light.

Finally, if you want to go all out, then spring for the kit that includes the bridge with two spotlights and four pathlights. There are no wires to run here either as all the lights run on battery power. Normally $250 separately, the bundle price is $30 less at $220 on Amazon right now. If the battery power scares you, don’t let it — Ring says all of its lights will last up to one year without the need for replacement.

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