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Amazon’s weekend deal on the silver August Smart Lock saves you $57

August Smart Lock Third Generation review bottom half
Terry Walsh/Digital Trends

If you’d like to add a smart lock to your home, but with all the security breaches lately feel a little nervous about connecting it to the internet, then the August Smart Lock is a good choice. It uses the Bluetooth in your smartphone to control the lock instead.

As a result, the lock is much cheaper than other options out there, even at its normal price of $150. But Amazon’s selling it for much less than that at the moment, chopping 38% off the retail price and bringing it down to just $93.

The August Smart Lock uses your original deadbolt: All you’re doing is replacing the controls, allowing you to continue to use your keys should something go wrong with the deadbolt itself, or the batteries die. Don’t worry too much about battery life — you should get several months of use out of the four AA batteries it needs to run.

(Like other smart devices that run on battery power, we strongly recommend that you invest in rechargeable batteries to limit your operating costs.)

If you’d like to add Wi-Fi connectivity down the road, you can certainly do that. The Smart Lock is compatible with the August Wi-Fi bridge which Amazon sells right now for $68. That adds remote locking and unlocking of the Smart Lock, as well as Siri, Alexa, and Google Home support.

If you would like all these features in one package, we recommend you opt for the Smart Lock Pro instead. For virtually the same price you’d pay for the Smart Lock and the Wi-Fi bridge together, you get everything in one package. It also supports ZWave, necessary if you run your smart home through a hub.

Its smaller profile also makes it easier to install and may be a better option depending on how your deadbolt is placed on the door.

But if you don’t need that extra functionality, the Smart Lock by itself is a good deal at $90 — especially considering this is the lowest we’ve seen the device since Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

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