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Is your mouse causing wrist pain? Try this ergonomic wireless mouse for just $20

Anker wireless vertical mouse
The standard desktop mouse was introduced decades ago and has not changed much since then. Although there are many newer models with a dazzling array of buttons, lights, and DPI settings, the traditional shape which places the user’s hand in a palm-down position has remained the same. This can cause wrist strain and has led some people in recent years to try more ergonomic designs like the inexpensive Anker wireless vertical mouse, which is now available for just $20 on Amazon.

Anker wireless vertical mouseUnlike traditional horizontally-oriented designs, the Anker ergonomic mouse features a vertical housing that puts the user’s wrist and thumb into a more natural “handshake” alignment. This reduces hand and arm strain by preventing the wrist from being twisted inward for extended periods of time. The Anker ergonomic mouse is also large enough to fill the palm, mitigating the need to use a tiring “claw” grip that is sometimes necessary when holding smaller models.

The Anker ergonomic mouse offers DPI settings of 800, 1,200, and 1,600, letting you change your sensitivity level to suit your current task. Along with the standard right/left buttons and scrolling wheel, two forward and back buttons allow for convenient web browsing and give you some additional inputs for gaming. The 2.4G Bluetooth wireless receiver — compatible with Anker wireless vertical mouseWindows, Mac, and Linux — is low-profile and can be stored inside the rubberized housing when not in use. The unit runs on two AAA batteries, and after eight minutes of non-use the mouse automatically powers off to save energy and increase battery life.

This ergonomic wireless mouse is available on Amazon for the price of $20. Anker provides an 18-month warranty on the device as well. If traditional mouses aren’t giving you the comfort you need, then this is an affordable way to try out a more ergonomic design if you haven’t already. You might as well pick up an ergonomic keyboard while you’re at it.

$20 on Amazon

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