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Apple Magic Mouse, Magic Trackpad just got rare price cuts

One of the biggest selling points of Apple prodcuts is that they just work. Whether it’s accessories like AirPods or devices like iPhones and MacBooks, Apple devices are reliable, high-quality, and functional for all types of use-cases. On top of that, all of Apple’s devices work flawlessly with each other, thanks to their engineering. Your Apple Watch will pair in seconds with your iPhone and start sending you notifications and calls immediately.

Their peripherals and input devices are no different, which is why we’re ecstatic to share these two Apple deals that are available on Amazon right now. If you’re on the hunt for the perfect mouse to use with your MacBook or iPad, get the Apple Magic Mouse. It’s on sale for only $75, which is down from the original price of $79. If you’re looking for a top-tier trackpad for your iMac, check out the Apple Magic Trackpad that’s on sale for just $112. That’s $17 off the regular price of $129. Keep reading to find out why these devices are must-haves for staying productive on Mac OS.

Apple Magic Mouse — $75, was $79

Apple Magic Mouse 2.

When we put the Apple Magic Mouse on our lists of the best mice for the Apple iPad and best Mac mice, it was a no-brainer. It’s the mouse with the best compatibility on both MacOS and iPadOS, with support for a wide variety of native gestures thanks to its touch-responsive surface. Using your fingers, you can quickly scroll, zoom, swipe, and switch between apps as if you were using a trackpad on your Mac. That also makes it easily the best mouse if you’re a MacBook user who needs the extra flexibility that a mouse offers. You won’t have to compromise on gesture support to obtain the better granular control of a full-sized mouse. Apple’s engineering is always fantastic, and the Magic Mouse is no exception with its excellent build quality, great design, and wonderful feel in hand. If you’re an Apple power user and this is the perfect mouse for you, you’re in luck. Right now on Amazon, you can get this mouse for just $75, which is $4 off the standard price of $79. Hit that Buy Now button because this deal could end at any time.

Apple Magic Trackpad — $112, was $129

Apple Magic Trackpad 2.

If you’ve been a MacBook user for a long time, there’s a good chance that you’ve turned into an expert at using the trackpad. Not only are you trained to use all of MacOS’ useful gestures, but you’ve mastered the art of productivity without using an external mouse. There are many music producers, designers, and video editors that use the trackpad every day to work. If that sounds like you and you recently started using the desktop iMac, you should check out the Apple Magic Trackpad. We put this on our list of the best Mac mice, where we called it “an excellent pointing device” and praised Apple for having “one of the best trackpad designs in the laptop world.” It’s an essential device to have if you’re the kind of person who switches between MacBook and iMac daily. It’s also designed beautifully, with fantastic style, a seamless glass surface, and an aluminum exterior. If this trackpad is more your speed, you can get it at Amazon for just $112, which is $17 off the regular price tag of $129. This deal could end at any time, so hit that Buy Now button while it’s still available.

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