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AirPods back in the bargain bin — prices as low as $139

If you’re looking for a reliable pair of wireless earbuds, you can’t go wrong with the ones that took the world by storm: Apple AirPods. The classic AirPods, with both wired and wireless charging case options, as well as the AirPods Pro are now on sale on Amazon starting at only $139. Get your hands on these AirPods deals today, and you could walk away with up to $30 in savings.

Apple AirPods with Wired Charging Case — $139, was $159

If you want everything the AirPods have to offer without spending a small fortune, the classic variant with a wired charging case should do the trick. They’re essentially the same as the standard EarPods but with the added convenience of wireless connectivity. In fact, you can use them as soon as they’re out of the box by plugging them into your ears and letting them automatically sync to your mobile device. 

The sound quality is definitely better than the EarPods’, sounding both fuller and with richer bass, so you can listen to your music without it suffering from lossy audio quality. The AirPods don’t come close to the AirPods Pro, but they still perform better than the average pair of headphones, so you’ve got nothing to worry about in the sound department. Unfortunately, while the output is great, it’s the external factors that can put a damper on your listening. Without built-in noise cancellation, the AirPods can be overwhelmed by your environment if it gets too loud. They also aren’t water- or sweat-resistant, so going to the gym or anywhere near a body of water entails more risk than reward. Neither of these issues should be a deal-breaker, though.

Apple products also come with the ever-loved Siri, and the AirPods are no different. All it takes is a simple voice command to gain access to the world at your beck and call, including calls, online searches, and more. Siri can even read out your messages for you, fed straight to your ears via AirPods. With a double-tap, you can also control audio playback without needing to press a button. Putting them in or taking them out automatically plays or pauses your music, too, so you never have to fiddle with the controls if you’re in a situation where you don’t have the luxury of pausing when you take them out. 

These AirPods with a wired charging case are the cheapest of the bunch, and if you don’t mind needing to plug them in now and then, you could save quite an amount instead of opting for a wireless case instead. While a full charge can only give you up to five hours of use, placing them in their case for as low as 15 minutes can give you up to an additional three hours of battery, with the case able to store enough charge to last for over a day. If you’re interested, you can check them out on Amazon where they’re on sale for $139 from $159.


Apple AirPods with Wireless Charging Case — $169, was $199

Besides the wireless charging case, there isn’t much else of a difference between the two discounted AirPods on our list. They’re just as easy to use as soon as you’ve got them on hand, and it won’t take more than a second to get them ready to go. All you have to do is plug them into your ears once they’ve synced to your phone, and they’ll start playing your music as instantaneously as they would if they were wired. 

The sound quality is entirely the same, offering the same high-quality music without the drawbacks of being earbuds. You can enjoy clear audio, regardless of whether it’s music or voice calls, ensuring that you get your money’s worth when it comes to the essentials. They do still lack noise cancellation and water-resistance though, so if you’d prefer to have those features available, then you may want to check out the AirPods Pro instead. Otherwise, if you’ve got no qualms with ambient noise and aren’t planning to use them in the gym, the classic AirPods are an ever-reliable go-to option. 

Siri also opens up more ways to add to your user experience. With the virtual assistant, you can make and take calls, scour the web, and control your audio’s playback and volume without needing to lift a finger. If you turn on Siri’s ‘Announce Messages’ feature in your settings, you can get any important text messages spoken to you so you don’t need to take out your phone just to read a text about having leftover lasagna for dinner. For those times you’d prefer not to open your mouth, you can also just double-tap the AirPods to skip over to the next song without Siri. And don’t worry about getting caught in a conversation without being able to pause your music because the AirPods automatically do it for you when they’re out of your ears, while playing when they’re plugged in. This goes the same even if you’ve lost one AirPod. Because they function independently of one another, even if you’ve lost one, you can hold off on purchasing another set for a while.

As Apple is no stranger to convenience, if you’re willing to shell out an additional $30 for the wireless charging case, then, by all means, go for it. The wireless charging case can be charged on a Qi-certified charging mat. If it’s fully charged, the AirPods can last up to five hours long, and with the case holding multiple charges, you can use the AirPods nonstop for over 24 hours with minimal breaks in-between listening sessions. If you’re interested, you can find the AirPods with wireless charging case on Amazon where they’re on sale for $169, down from $199.


Apple AirPods Pro — $230, was $250

For the best listening experience that Apple has to offer, the AirPods Pro are undeniably the best wireless earbuds around for iOS users. Not only do they drastically improve what the regular AirPods already had, but they also add additional features that take your listening to the next level. Just plug them into your ears as soon as they’re out of the box, and if you’re using an Apple device, they’ll be good to go right off the bat. With three different in-ear bud sizes, you can enjoy all your favorite tunes without the earbuds falling out at the most inconvenient times.

In terms of sound quality, the AirPods Pro leave the AirPods in the dust. The musical output is exceptionally clear and full-bodied, providing high-quality sound with powerful bass and vibrant richness. If it’s audio you’re prioritizing, the AirPods Pro are definitely what you want. These earbuds also come with two additional features: active noise cancellation and water-resistance. With active noise cancellation coupled together with EQ technology to tailor audio to the shape of your ears for optimal performance, you’re getting virtually complete isolation with your music for full immersion. You can even wear the AirPods Pro to the gym thanks to their sweat- and water-resistant build, allowing them to withstand intense workouts without breaking. 

Calls are also made much better thanks to the upgraded microphones for clear vocals on your end. Additionally, the AirPods Pro have a new transparency mode that you can activate by pressing on the stem of the earbuds, allowing you to tune back into the real world to take part in conversations without needing to take the AirPods Pro out of your ears. And, of course, it wouldn’t be an Apple device if it didn’t have Siri. With Siri on-hand 24/7, you have full access to all your phone’s capabilities; calling, searching, and more. 

It’s arguable that the only weakness of the AirPods Pro is their four-and-a-half-hour battery life, but considering everything they offer, it’s a small price to pay. Besides, the wireless charging case can hold over 24 hours of battery, and with a charging session lasting only five minutes giving you an additional hour of use, there isn’t much that the AirPods Pro lack. If you want a superb pair of wireless earbuds where the premium features are worth every cent — especially with the discount — you can check out the AirPods Pro at Amazon where they’re on sale for $230, down from $250.


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