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Amazon cuts $75 off this August Smart Lock Pro and Connect Wi-Fi Bridge bundle

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The August Smart Lock Pro is a state-of-the-art smart lock and our pick for the best smart lock for Airbnb rentals. Right now, it’s available on Amazon for a huge 25% off. The deal also includes the August Connect Wi-Fi Bridge. Secure your home with this digital deadbolt for $210 instead of $280.

A great smart lock is arguably the most important component of a truly connected smart home. Not only does it provide you with a sense of security to come and go as you please, but it also turns a task as mundane as locking your door into something undeniably cool. With the most advanced smart locks, you can even authorize certain persons to access your home by just using their phones. They can even work via voice command and sync with other smart home devices. The August Smart Lock Pro does all of these things and more.

The August Smart Lock Pro won’t completely replace your existing deadbolt. It’s designed so you can still keep your old keys and open the door manually. The device itself looks great, if a little large at 3.4 inches wide, but it’s well-built and has a nice aluminum finish.

This smart lock fits with a wide range of standard deadbolts, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility. Installation is pretty easy. You just need a Phillips-head screwdriver and to follow the steps in the August Home app. The entire installation process takes 10 minutes or less.

Once installed, this smart lock allows you to lock and unlock your door using the smartphone app — without having to reach for your keys. You can set it to auto-lock orauto-unlock depending on how near your phone is. When you leave, it will automatically lock your door, and it unlocks itself once you’re near. You can set it up with your Apple Watch, as well as smart assistants like Siri and Alexa.

Besides auto-unlock, smartphone control, and virtual keys, the app has a new feature called DoorSense. This involves a sensor that can tell whether your door is open or closed and alert you on how long it’s been that way. It can also tell if somebody forced entry into your home.

The August Connect is an additional device that must be plugged into an outlet near the smart lock. This device acts as a Wi-Fi bridge that connects the smart lock to the internet so you can lock and unlock it remotely. It allows you to control your lock from pretty much anywhere.

With easy installation, loads of security features, and seamless operation, the August Smart Lock Pro is one of the best smart locks that money can buy. And you don’t even have to throw your good old keys away. Order yours today with the August Connect Wi-Fi Bridge for $210.

If it’s a smart padlock you’re looking for, check out this page.

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