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The best cheap gaming chair deals for September 2020: AKRacing, Respawn, and more

Play longer and win more with a good seat. High-quality gaming chairs help avoid the aches and pains of extended play. Many gaming seats also double as excellent office chairs. If you have spent any length of time sitting in a lousy chair in front of a computer, you know the importance of a well-designed seat. Extended hours of sitting can have negative long-term effects on the body, but one of the surest ways to prevent these problems (along with remaining active and taking regular breaks from sitting) is to invest in a good ergonomic gaming chair. We’ve put together a handy up-to-date list of the best cheap gaming chair deals available right now that can save your wallet as well as your back. Read on:

Today’s best gaming chair deals

  • Homall Gaming Chair with Footrest$110, was $140
  • Homall Rocking Gaming Chair Racing Computer Game Chair$120, was $180
  • Homall Gaming and Executive Office Chair$150, was $170
  • Respawn by OFM Fortnite Skull Trooper-V Gaming Chair$163, was $200
  • Respawn Raven-X OFM Reclining Gaming Chair$230, was $300
  • Arozzi Verona V2 Advanced Racing Style Gaming Chair$300, was $380
  • Akracing Core Series SX Gaming Chair$339, was $399

Corsair T1 Race Gaming Chair

$324 $350
Expires soon
Inspired by actual race car seats (right down to the stitching detail), the Corsair WW T1 is a premium gaming chair that should provide comfort for a long time thanks to its steel-framed construction.

Arozzi Milano Gaming Chair

$170 $250
Expires soon
A solid, affordable, and slightly more under-stated racing-style gaming chair from Arozzi. Available in a few colors, most of which are on sale right now.

Akracing Core Series EX Gaming Chair

$329 $349
Expires soon
Akracing's Core Series EX gaming chair is one of the best "DX Racer clones" with a sturdy metal frame, 180-degree reclining, and a very attractive price tag.

X Rocker Extreme III Gaming Floor Rocker with Built-in Speakers

$100 $120
Expires soon
It's obviously not built for PC gaming at a desk, but for living room-style Mario Kart sessions, it doesn't get much better than a classic floor rocker -- and this one even has built-in speakers.

Arozzi Chair Floor Mat

$40 $50
Expires soon
Protect your hard or carpeted floors with a gaming chair mat from Arozzi.

Akracing Core Series SX Gaming Chair

$322 $399
Expires soon
Designed and built for long-term play, this gaming chair has adjustable height and arms with memory foam padding.

Homall Rocking Gaming Chair Racing Computer Game Chair

Expires soon
Homall's high-back racing gaming and office chair swivels and rocks on a round metal base with a gas lift. Ergonomic design. Skin-friendly PU leather material.

Arozzi Verona V2 Racing Style Gaming Chair

$300 $380
Expires soon
Arozzi makes some great racer-style chairs, and the Verona V2 is a nice mid-range option if you want something better than the more basic models but don't want to pay DXRacer prices.

Respawn RSP-900 Racing Style Gaming Recliner

$290 $300
Expires soon
This unique chair combines the best of a racing-style gaming chair with the leisurely comfort of a recliner (complete with pop-out leg rest).

X Rocker 4.1 Pro Series Vibrating Gaming Rocker with Built-in Speakers

$260 $299
Expires soon
Pedestal-style rocker chairs have come a long way and the X Rocker Pro Series proves it. It rocks, tilts, vibrates, syncs wirelessly with your smart TV, and has four built-in speakers and a subwoofer.

Respawn 200 Racing Style Gaming Chair

$218 $256
Expires soon
If you're looking for something that stands out from the crowd of almost identical DXRacer clones, the Respawn 200 is a racing-style gaming chair with a unique style (and a very attractive price tag).

Dowinx Vintage-Style PU Leather Gaming Chair with Footrest

$210 $250
Expires soon
With an extendable footrest and vintage-style PU leather upholstery, this high-back seat from Dowinx is one of the most luxurious and best-looking gaming chairs to be found for less than $300.

Respawn RSP-800 Gaming Rocker Chair

$154 $180
Expires soon
Everybody loves a rocking chair, and why not rock while gaming? The premium Respawn RSP-800 rocker lets you do just that.

Homall Gaming and Executive Office Chair

$142 $170
Expires soon
Homall high-back computer, racing gaming, and executive office chair has PU leather surfaces, ergonomic and ajustable with head rest and lumbar support.

Respawn Raven-X Gaming Chair

$230 $300
Expires soon
Respawn is one of the better gaming chair brands, and the gorgeous Raven-X is a nice racing-style seat that offers great support and sturdy build quality that rivals much more expensive chairs.

Respawn by OFM Fortnite Skull Trooper-V Gaming Chair

$163 $200
Expires soon
This cool Fortnite-themed OFM racing-style gaming chair is a great pick if all you want is a solid, simple, comfortable chair and don't want to pay extra for needless add-ons.

How to choose a gaming chair

After you’ve set a budget, it’s time to think about what exactly you’re looking for in a cheap gaming chair. The obvious considerations are durability and ergonomics — you naturally want a gaming chair that is built to last and will be comfortable to sit in for extended play sessions. You have to be careful here, too, as often times a plushy chair that feels comfortable when you first plop down will cause your back to ache after awhile due to lack of lumbar support.

Fortunately, most gaming chairs (and even regular desk chairs today) are designed to offer better support, but you also need to consider what other features you want aside from those basics. Do you want adjustable or flip-up armrests? A removable head pillow? The ability to recline? A cup holder and a food tray? If you’re looking for a cheap gaming chair, then are you okay with a nicely designed short-backed task chair? Many chairs that aren’t explicitly marketed as “gaming chairs” may still suit your needs and budget perfectly, so don’t get tunnel vision while you’re shopping around.

Make a list of exactly what you want — jot it down on a notepad if you have to – before jumping on the first gaming chair deal you see that sings to you. You’ll pay for those extra features mentioned above, and likewise, you can save a lot of cash by opting for simplicity and cutting out what you don’t need. Know what to expect from chairs within your price range and you shouldn’t be disappointed.

Do gaming chairs make good office chairs?

Not all chairs are created equal, but even the fanciest gaming chair is still a chair; its purpose is to allow you to sit comfortably for extended periods. That’s something that applies just as much to gaming sessions as it can to long workdays. What makes a chair a “gaming chair” is, generally speaking, extra design features conducive to gaming. That includes additions such as arm and headrests, which you probably don’t use too much when typing away during work hours, and added conveniences like cup holders, tilting or reclining capabilities, removable pillows, and so on (and that’s saying nothing of purely aesthetic stylings that many gamers like).

All that said, there’s nothing to preclude a gaming chair from pulling double duty as your go-to office chair. It’s also not likely you’re going to buy two chairs for this anyway if, like many, your gaming battle station doubles as your home workstation.

Do gaming chairs help posture?

The biggest ergonomic consideration when buying a chair, be it a gaming chair or otherwise, is back support. We’ve probably all sat down in a nice pillowy chair that felt great at first but offered little to no lumbar support, causing pain and discomfort after 20 to 30 minutes. Hours of sitting like this day in, day out can even lead to long-term spine and hip problems. That’s why you don’t want a gaming chair that you “sink” into, and in recent years, manufacturers have shifted to more firm and rigid chair designs that focus on support rather than softness, especially in the lower back area (the seat itself should still offer some padding, of course, so your rear end stays comfortable as well).

This is just as much the case with gaming chairs as with standard desk chairs. You probably know already that your spine isn’t shaped like a flag pole; it curves inward a bit where it meets the hips, and modern chair backs typically follow this shape. This is particularly important with high-backed gaming chairs (short-backed chairs naturally support your lumbar, as your upper back isn’t coming into contact with the chair), and many will even come with additional pillows or pads that offer additional lumbar support. In short: Yes, a good chair — and even many budget-friendly cheap gaming chairs — can and do improve your sitting posture.

Do gaming chairs recline?

Having a chair that reclines probably isn’t a big priority during work hours, but when you’re relaxing with some video games or doing some streaming, it’s nice to be able to kick back. The good news for the recliner crowd is that there are quite a few gaming chairs (and not only the expensive ones) that allow you to do this, and others still that also have add-ons like footrests to complete the experience. There are even many gaming chairs that can tilt and rock, even if they can’t recline. Just be sure to pay attention to the chair’s overall dimensions to make sure you’ve got enough space at your gaming station to fully enjoy these features.

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