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These inflatable hot tubs are on sale (and in stock) for Memorial Day

Set up a hot tub spa in your backyard for a relaxing, refreshing break at any time of day. Target included two SaluSpa AirJet inflatable spas with pumps, heaters, and covers in its Memorial Day sales. Inflatable hot tub spas are a hot commodity at the moment, so it’s hard to find them in stock. Both SaluSpa models are ready to ship to your home, so don’t delay.

SaluSpas have inflated walls and cushioned floors. Each spa includes a cover with an aluminum foil covering to keep the water warm and birds and debris out when you’re not using it. You don’t need any tools to set up the spa. The AirJet pump that comes with each model inflates the spa and heats the water to 104-degrees. A digital control panel has a power-saving timer with 72-hour scheduling. The control panel also directs the AirJet bubble flow. An integrated water softening system uses electromagnetic coils to turn salt into chlorine to keep the water clean.

Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub (4-Person) — $550, was $761

The Coleman SaluSpa Miami AirJet model is a four-person round inflatable hot tub spa. This model measures 77-inches in diameter and 26-inches high. It holds 177 gallons of water and should be installed on a concrete slab or wood deck. The Airjet bubbles come from the bottom of the spa. Usually priced $761, Target discounted the Coleman SaluSpa  Miami Airjet model to $550 for the Memorial Day sale. If you want an easy to install hot tub spa ready for the beginning of June, don’t delay but take advantage of this timely opportunity.

BBestway SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub (6-Person) — $580, was $802

The Bestway SaluSpa Hawaii AirJet six-person hot tub spa measures 71-inches square by 28-inches deep and holds 222 gallons of water. An included chemical floater helps keep the water clean and, like the Coleman model above, has an aluminum foil-coated cover with safety snaps to keep debris out and to maintain water temperature. Normally $802, Target’s Memorial Day Sale price for the Bestway SaluSpa Hawai AirJet six-person model is $580. Get ready for summer relaxation and jump on this deal for a hard-to-find inflatable hot tub spa.

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