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Brunch, anyone? Awesome breakfast maker deals will save you time and money

breakfast maker deals
For many people, Brunch is an essential part of every Sunday. Waking up late, rolling out of bed, and eating a delectable hybrid meal is about as good as it gets. However, you don’t always have the time or budget for such leisure and luxury. Fortunately, we live in an advanced age of technological breakfast breakthroughs that can save you both time and money. Here are our three favorite breakfast maker deals.

Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Have you ever tried to make your own breakfast sandwiches? The ingredients are simple enough, but the amount of time it takes to cook everything separately will probably have you just scrambling some eggs the next time around.

With a 5-minute cook time, the Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker creates the perfect sandwich quickly, without the mess.

Get creative. Use your own fresh ingredients to craft a sandwich only you could think up, and take advantage of dishwasher-safe removable parts for quick and easy cleanup. This breakfast sandwich maker is currently available on Amazon for just $24, or you can pick up the dual version for $46.


Holstein Housewares Omelet Maker

The perfect omelet is hard to come by. You can spend months working on your omelet flip, but all it takes is one mistake to turn a delightful dish into a pile of scrambled eggs.

With a 10-minute cook time, the Holstein Housewares Omelet Maker produces two wonderfully fluffy omelets without the struggle.

All you have to do is choose your ingredients, mix them together, and pour. So if you’re ready to let technology guide you on your breakfast journey, pick up an omelet maker on Amazon for just $26 after a 15 percent discount.


Hamilton Beach Breakfast Burrito Maker

Don’t have time to eat your breakfast at home? A breakfast burrito is the perfect way to have a delicious meal on the go without spilling food all over your shirt and pants.

With a 5-minute cook time, the Hamilton Beach Breakfast Burrito Maker will have the perfect burrito in your hand and you out the door in no time flat.

Just put your fresh ingredients in the top, a tortilla in the bottom, then remove the cooking plate to reveal a burrito ready for folding.  Though traditionally meant for burritos, this little machine can also make personal pizzas and omelets. Get it from Amazon for just $14 after a 72 percent discount.



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