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Save $100 on the Dyson AM06 bladeless fan this 4th of July weekend

Dyson AM06 bladeless desk fan
Cool off this summer with Dyson’s AM06 Bladeless Desk Fan with extra savings during eBay’s 4th of July sale. The fan, which normally sells for $300, is on sale in Dyson’s eBay for $250, but you can save an additional 20% with the discount code PLUS20 for a final $200 price. It’s a brand new fan in an unopened box that ships direct from Dyson with a 2-year warranty.

Dyson’s AM06 Bladeless Desk Fan, as the name implies, doesn’t use conventional fan blades to move air.  Instead, Dyson’s Air Multiplier technology has blades in the base of the device. Air drawn through the lower section of the fan’s pedestal base blows out through a series of narrow slits around the circumference of the circular top part.

The fan includes a remote control that you can use to control the airflow speed settings. You can also use the remote to set the fan to turn off automatically, anywhere from 15 minutes to 9 hours. The AM06 weighs just under four pounds. The base measures 5.8 inches in diameter, and the total height is 19.7 inches. The circular top is 10 inches in diameter.

The Dyson Bladeless fan is heavier on the bottom and can be tilted to change the vertical direction of the airflow. Because there are no exposed blades, the fan offers no threat to hands or fingers and is also very easy to clean with no blades or grill.

The Dyson AM06 Bladeless desk fan is Energy Star compliant and, according to Dyson, uses 30% less power and is 75% quieter due to streamlined air channels than Dyson’s original AM01 bladeless model.

Dyson sells the AM06 with free 4-day delivery in its eBay store, with free returns, a money-back guarantee, and Dyson’s official two-year warranty. If you’re looking for a safe, easy to use, and quieter-than-normal fan, consider this Dyson model. The extra 20% off during eBay’s 4th of July sale won’t last, so if you want to buy the Dyson AM06 Bladeless desk fan for just $200, a 33% discount from the normal $300 list price and 20% less than Dyson’s regular $250 eBay store sale price, act soon.

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