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This 20,000mAh power bank is only $25 for Black Friday 2021

This 20,000mAh power bank Black Friday deal is a great way to make sure your portable electronics stay alive all day. Right now, you can get this Energizer MAX power bank for only $24, exactly 50% off its usual price of $48. We don’t know how long this deal is going to stick around, so jump on it soon!

Today’s Best 20,000mAh Power Bank Black Friday Deal

Rectangular, black Energizer Max 20,000mAh power bank on a white background.

Why Buy

  • Never let your phone die again
  • Great for long trips away from an outlet
  • Charge two devices at once
  • Get 72 hours of charge time

Only $24 for an awesome power bank is an amazing deal. A 50% off deal, as a matter of fact. Snag it before it’s gone. It’s one of the best Black Friday deals to snatch up if your phone is constantly dying.

The 20,000mAh capacity in this power bank will hold enough charge to keep you phone, headphones, or smartwatch charged for up to 72 hours. You can plug your phone in for a few minutes and get a decent charge, so you don’t have to lug it around with you. Not that it would be tough to carry. It’s about the size of a phone and weighs less than one pound. It has LED lights on the outside to indicate how much power is left on its charge. When you need to fill it back up, it charges via a micro USB cable that’s included with the power bank or a USB-C cable. If you use the USB-C cable, the power bank will charge super quickly.

This Energizer power bank is compatible with all brands of smartphone. It doesn’t matter if you have an Android, an iPhone, or a Google Pixel. You do have to use a USB 2 cable though, so the new USB-C cables for iPhones aren’t compatible. It has two USB ports for charging, so you can re-up your charge on two phones at once. It’s a great product for camping trips, long flights, bus rides, or if you have an old phone that gets tired quickly.

You can grab this awesome 20,000mAh power bank deal for only $24 at Best Buy right now, 50% off its usual price of $48. Snag it fast before Black Friday deals end!

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