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Go big or go home with these 8 great game-day essentials

When it comes to the biggest game of the year, you want to go, well, big. Big screens, big sound, and big ideas are what make a gathering the ultimate party. You can always pick up a beautiful 4K TV or an affordable soundbar to get started, but if you’re looking to go above and beyond this year, we have a few ideas to help you out.

Elevate your game with some of the best over-the-top game day essentials we could find — just don’t forget to watch some football while you’re at it.

The NFL snack helmet

NFL snack helmet

When it comes to a party, your chips need a better home than the bag they came in. This snack helmet is the perfect place to house your chips, snacks, and even salsa. If you’re really looking to up your game with something from the game, this helmet is the perfect receptacle for you.

You can pick up the NFL snack helmet from Amazon for just $50.

$50 on Amazon

Bruntmor magnetic bottle opener

Magnetic Bottle Opener

Whether you’re ramping up for the big game, or just love opening a cold one after a long day at work, this magnetic bottle opener is perfect for you. You can mount it on your fridge or screw it into the wall and this little bottle opener will catch up to 50 bottle caps for you.

You can pick up this magnetic bottle opener for just $25 on Amazon and finally stop worrying about your caps falling on the ground.

$25 on Amazone

A 3-tier chocolate fountain

Chocolate Fountain

What could be more magnificent than a chocolate fountain? Imagine having your friends and family over and presenting them with a literal waterfall of chocolate. Pretty magical, right?

You can pick up this cascading chocolate machine for just $45 on Amazon — and be sure you click on the $5-off coupon before you buy.

$45 on Amazon

NFL stainless steel coasters

eagles coasters

Protecting that wood coffee table is just as important as protecting you’re quarterback. Without a good defensive line in between your beer and your table, you’re going to have a rough time keeping that wood unblemished.

You can pick up a 4-pack of NFL coasters for just $25 and choose your favorite team.

$25 on Amazon

The CouchCoaster

Couch Coaster

Even if you have enough table space for everyone’s drink, that doesn’t mean people are going to use it. It’s far easier to stay on that couch than it is to lean forward and pick up your beverage. This Couch coaster is one of those small touches that everyone can appreciate.

You can snag yourself a CouchCoaster for $25 on Amazon.

$25 on Amazon

A retro hot dog toaster

Hot dog toaster

Are you looking to create the perfect hot dog experience for your guests? You might as well let technology do it for you. Hot dogs have never been more simple than with this specialized toaster — you don’t even need to fire up the grill to enjoy a delicious dog.

You can pick up this hot dog toaster for just $15 on Amazon.

$15 on Amazon

Stainless steel beverage insulators

Nobody should have to deal with warm beer, not even for a second. When you’re watching the game, you want every sip to be as cold as the last, but that just isn’t possible with ordinary cans. This beverage insulator can keep those cans colder than ever, for longer.

You can pick up a four-pack of beverage insulators for just $25 — or buy them individually for $8.

$25 on Amazon

Pressurized keg growler

Keg Growler

As much fun as it is, it’s not always feasible to have an entire keg at your party. That’s where this little guy comes in. Just fill it up with your favorite beer or homebrew, attach a CO2 cartridge, and start pouring.

You can pick up this growler keg for $100 on Amazon and really get the party going.

$100 on Amazon

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