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Why you need to buy this fantastic cordless lawn mower today

Greenworks 16-inch 40V cordless lawn mower

If you’re shopping for cheap lawn mower deals for a small to medium-sized lawn, you can’t do better than this Greenworks 16-inch cordless lawn mower. Amazon dropped a hot deal on this battery-operated machine, discounting the 40V Greenworks mower by 20%. Instead of the normal $299, save $61 with this sale to start mowing without gasoline or awkward extension cords for just $238. Don’t delay with this limited time sale.

Greenworks manufactures a range of  cordless and corded electric lawn mowers, but the 16-inch 40-volt cordless model hits the sweet spots for function, convenience, and cost. Here’s why. Greenworks has cordless mowers with cutting decks ranging from 13 inches to 21 inches in diameter. A machine with a smaller deck is lighter and less work to push around your yard than one with a wider deck, but the more narrow the cutting deck, of course, the more back-and-forth you’ll need to do to finish mowing your lawn. At 37.5 pounds, the Greenworks 40V is no big deal to push and uses your time and energy more efficiently than either the smaller or larger models.

Greenworks also makes cordless lawn mowers that use single or multiple 24-volt batteries. Different capacity lawn mower batteries make a difference in cutting both power use and operating time. A single 40V battery will cut through tougher grass and weeds than a 24V battery. Using multiple 24V batteries is one way to add power and operating time, but less convenient when you have to change and charge batteries separately. The Greenworks 16-inch 4oV cordless mower is rated for up to 45 minutes per charge and for use on lawns up to one-half acre. That will take care of most of our lawns on one charge. Frankly, if you have larger than a half acre of grass to mow you probably need a wider mower, which means more money and definitely more of a job to push around your yard, even with a self-powered model.

Greenworks 16-inch 40V cordless lawn mower with battery and charger

You can adjust the height on Greenworks 16-inch 40V lawn mower from 1.25-inches to 3.4-inches with a single lever — no more going from wheel to wheel, tugging and pulling to be sure the cutting deck is even. The mower has easy push button start and doesn’t use any gas or oil, so no emissions or fumes plus you don’t have to keep flammable liquids stored in your garage or garden shed, or keep track of whether you have enough of them.

You can choose from two cutting modes, mulching or  bagging (the discharge bag is included in the price). The Greenworks 16-inch 40V mower comes complete with the mower itself, the discharge bag, one 40V Lithium ion battery, and a battery charger. It’s worth noting that this battery works with more than 60 other Greenworks cordless tools.

The summer lawn mowing season is fully upon us. Save $61 now on Amazon’s excellent deal for this efficient Greenworks 16-inch 40-volt cordless lawn mower. Normally $299, Amazon dropped the price to $238 for this sale. Whether you need to replace an underpowered, aging. or dead lawn mower or you’re shopping for  your first mower for a new home, grab this deal while it lasts.

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